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  • Published date: 6 February 2024
  • Author: SSG Insight

At SSG Insight, we take great pride in continuing to provide the best support to our clients beyond implementation of our solution. We have various office locations across the globe, allowing us to support Agility users worldwide. Our expert in-house teams support with ongoing training and our fast and friendly support team are available to answer any queries. Once becoming an Agility user, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager will support you throughout your Agility journey, and you’ll have access to consultants who have a wealth of expertise across a range of industries.  

We’re proud to continually receive positive feedback across all our customer support services for example these customer quotes about training… 

“The course was properly driven using the system as the focal point as opposed to being purely delivered from a PowerPoint presentation or videos. In every way the best training course I have ever done.” 

“Being able to complete the course remotely made attending significantly easier. The deliver of the course alongside the manual, enables me to review later, which is a great benefit. Great session, appreciated Sanaa in depth knowledge that was showcased throughout the training.” 

“Good pace to the course and the exercises helped to confirm understanding. A great introduction into Agility that has provided the base level of knowledge I needed to use the system with confidence.” 

“Open communication, and using (what could be) real life examples and hands on exercises to practice what was explained.” 

“Gives you a very good insight to all the key aspects of agility and how they can be used to help improve our job reporting system at BBRG. This helps me when creating PPMs job cards and standard jobs a better understanding of what is required to ensure the job is carried out correctly and the correct data is collected. System Administration Course – Showed very good insight into what I could potentially be doing as part of my job role and offers a background into ways agility can be maximised” (Introduction to Agility Course) 

“Very professional feel and very slick. Good to be able to try each task at each stage. Very good experience overall – Sanaa was able to answer all of my many questions and has great knowledge of the system.” 

Our in-house support team are available to deal with any queries or issues you have with your system. Each teach member has a wealth of knowledge and real-life experience to support with technical questions, and can be contacted online or on the phone. As well as great feedback for our training courses and instructors, our support team regularly receive great feedback, including: 

“Fast and understood perfectly what we need.” 

“Swift response and dealt with as required.” 

“Speedy response, very helpful thank you.” 

“Issues I had were fixed a lot faster than I was expecting. Thanks for everything.” 

“My request was dealt with promptly and efficiently.” 

Delivering high levels of customer satisfaction across all our customer care services from implementation and training, support, consultancy, and account management, is a core focus for our global team and helps to ensure users can maximise the Agility solution to their benefit. To find out more about how Agility can support your organisation, please contact If you are an Agility user and would like more information or have any queries on our aftersales care, please get in touch with your account manager or complete the form below. More information on our training courses can be found here, including the full range of courses available along with course outlines. 

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