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  • Published date: 23 October 2023
  • Author: Louise Simpson

We are delighted to share that our Agility eLearning Platform is live.

Access online training courses 24/7 to enhance your Agility knowledge.

The Agility eLearning Platform will support you and your team to access online training courses at times to suit you. There is a variety of content to suit experienced Agility users as well as those who are brand new to Agility. Delivered through a mix of engaging video content as well as multiple choice scenarios and tests, each course guides the user through to ensure the content is understood. These diverse content types help to cater for different learning styles and preferences.

Designed to be user-friendly, the Agility eLearning platform makes it easy to find, access, and complete a course. Accessible across multiple devices 24/7, your team will be able to effectively enhance their Agility knowledge.  It provides learners with the flexibility to set their own schedules and learn at their own pace. Courses can be started, paused, and picked back up again. Users and Managers can also track course progress for members of their team.

Agility Day To Day E-Learning Course

Whilst face-to-face Agility training is still very popular and a preference for some, the eLearning platform is a helpful addition which can ensure that courses can be accessed despite geographical barriers for those unable to attend in person training.

The Agility eLearning platform is available on a subscription basis to enable you to purchase access for multiple users and provides an effective and engaging learning experience. To find out more about how the Agility eLearning Platform could ensure your team have easily accessible Agility training 24/7, please speak to your account manager. Alternatively, please email and a member of our global team will be in touch.

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