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  • Published date: 22 March 2024
  • Author: SSG Insight

At SSG Insight, we are committed to providing high quality customer service, and it is great to catch up with customers about their Agility journey so far. If you are considering implementing Agility, look at some of the great feedback we have received from customers recently: 

Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust:

Having been users since 2015, Northampton General Hospital have recently undertaken a system review with the support of our consultants, to see how they could utilise Agility further. Richard Clarke, Business Information & Systems Manager, said: 

“Unfortunately over the years we had not had the dedicated resource available to get our database where it should be. Not only did we identify that the locations and assets were in need of updating, it was clear that the locations needed completely re-structuring for better navigation, data capture and reporting. 

I was excited to introduce a Triage Helpdesk as I knew this would bring better consistency with job capture, prioritisation and improve our ability to analyse reactive job requests. Prior to its implementation, I’d often be asked to confirm how many times a particular type of job had been raised or in a particular area. The improved structure and triage data makes these requests so much easier to answer and with much greater accuracy. My SSG Insight consultant was an enormous help with this, understanding our requirements and helping to incorporate all the improvements I wanted. 

We now have more effective job management, we’re working more efficiently, and you can see there are far fewer open jobs as they are being deployed and completed on the system correctly.” 

If you’d like to read more about Northampton General Hospital’s journey and their plans for the future, read the full case study here. 

European Energy:

In 2022, European Energy set out to find a CMMS that would make their operations more transparent, measurable, and comparable, which would allow them to set benchmarks across their sites by tracking maintenance costs, reducing asset downtime and improving communication. IT Management Consultant, Thomas Kieldsen, led the project and shared the following insight: 

“We quickly recognised that Agility CMMS is a scalable solution which would give us complete visibility of our assets and processes. The implementation has gone smoothly, we have a great relationship with our dedicated SSG team. 

The dedicated mobile app is great and closed a gap from the previous system. We are constantly onboarding new staff to new sites, so it is great to have a mobile solution that is user friendly with a modern feel. 

It is very good to have access to the E-Learning platform, all staff complete initial training when they join and we find the monthly webinar sessions beneficial for further training. 

We are still in the process of importing our parts into Agility, but we are definitely on the right track for achieving the outcomes and goals we set out at the beginning of our journey.” 

European Energy are in the infancy of their Agility journey, but they have great plans to implement into other sites around the world. If you would like to understand more about their journey so far, read the full case study here.

PZ Cussons: 

PZ Cussons implemented Agility in 2015 to centralise their schedules and jobs, and to reduce their paper use to support their sustainability efforts. Head of Engineering, Simon Breheny, and Engineering Leader/Maintenance Planner, Marc Bull, recently shared the following with us: 

“With Agility CMMS everyone is more organised, and we can manage our jobs more effectively. Different jobs go to different people based on their skillset, but everyone can see what they have to work on with a task list. We can also see who has what on and how quickly the team are getting through the jobs, supporting us to manage our resources. 

Agility allows us to prioritise jobs which helps us to continuously improve our response times. All our planned maintenance is allocated with a month priority and scheduled in for the month.. However, the Agility dashboards allow us to see where we are in terms of compliance so we can bring things forward if needed, to ensure we are always on top of it. 

Dashboards have made a massive difference, and the reports are great, and give us all sorts of information. Maintenance efficiency can be measured so things like we can see over 95% of scheduled jobs were completed on time. We’ve got instant visibility of outstanding PMs, and our completed jobs have gone through the roof.” 

More information about PZ Cusson’s journey with Agility, and their plans for the future can be found here.


Ensuring we deliver high levels of customer satisfaction is paramount to our global teams, and it’s great to speak with customers regularly to support them to maximise their use of Agility. If you have any queries about how our various teams can support you on your Agility journey, please get in touch. 

Following the success of last year’s EMEA Customer User Day, we are delighted to be hosting this again in 2024. The customer journey section provides the opportunity for users across industries to see best practices, and how others are using the system. If you would like to be involved, please complete the form below or get in touch with your account manager. 

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