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  • Published date: 15 January 2024
  • Author: James MacPherson

The SSG Consultancy as Service (CaaS) offer is designed to support organisations across 3 key areas of the Asset Management excellence journey:

  1. Data optimisation and analytics
  2. Workflow and Process Automation
  3. Strategic Asset Management


There are often many complex activities to be undertaken within the 3 key areas.  Increasingly customers are seeking additional support to both strengthen and support their delivery teams to ensure risks are mitigated and teams are optimised.


Whether additional resource is needed to support an existing team or an industry SME to lead the effort, SSG consultants provide additional flexibility, capability and capacity to support our customers at all levels of the organisation.


Data optimisation is a large task, and often the most challenging area to get right.  SSG Insight can assist in the following areas:

  • Collation and formation of existing data (often from) multiple sources for system import.
  • Data enrichment to optimise reporting and analytics (Continuous Improvement / Lean)
  • Data mapping to maximise process automation and system integration
  • Data migration including from BIM to EAM solutions.


Data optimisation consultancy ensures that data is configured and/or enriched to provide the ongoing analytics and accurate real-time reporting required irrespective of the source (system).


Workflow and Process Automation consultancy ensures the optimal alignment between business processes and system functionality.  As pioneers in smart workplace ecosystems, we take pride in optimising the interaction between people and systems.


Our knowledge of different service delivery models and how they can leverage the rich functionality of Agility ensures system automation is optimised.  This ultimately increases efficiency and capacity for high value-add tasks, processes and analysis.


Strategic Assessment Management (SAM) consultancy provides a range of services across SAM disciplines, including but not limited to:

  • Strategic Asset Management Plans
  • Maintenance Planning and Service Optimisation
  • ISO55000 Maturity assessments
  • Supply Chain Optimisation and Vendor Management
  • Infrastructure Scorecards / Capital investment planning
  • Asset Tagging and Tracking strategies


Customers are increasingly using SSG Insight CaaS during both the initial Agility implementation and through ongoing business optimisation to manage risks and challenges associated with data and provide additional capacity and expertise to support existing teams.


To discover the power of consultancy (CaaS) within Asset Maintenance Management from SSG Insight including how we work with organisation’s like yours around the world to unlock their operational excellence, contact us today. Email and the relevant member of our globally based team will be in touch.

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