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  • Published date: 29 July 2022

Harness the power of data with systems integration

The sheer volume of data maintenance teams have to manage, often across disparate systems, is a huge challenge.


The volume of data maintenance teams are having to manage is growing rapidly and this poses the ever-increasing challenge of how to achieve effective data utilisation. This is exacerbated when spread across disparate systems that do not share a common communication platform. Organisations often have multiple systems that all meet and satisfy specific requirements but do not communicate directly with each other. This leads to information being lost, duplicated, or not being utilised at all, limiting the value of the system overall.


To move towards technological advancement there needs to be a bridge between your CMMS and your other business systems, enabling a consistently accurate data flow and vital information exchanges. This connectivity will help to create predictability from uncertainty and in turn solve many of your maintenance headaches. Effective systems integration facilitates an increased flow of maintenance information, reduces costs, and leads to increased production and enhanced operations. By selecting systems that will grow with your business, and by putting effective integration strategies in place, you can move towards technological advancement knowing that your systems will advance with you.


Taking modern, SMART Factories as an example, systems integration with a CMMS at the hub inter-connecting with various external constructs, sensors, cameras and IoT devices demonstrates the seamless and autonomous network in action.

Agility can consume data from sensors and IoT devices and either record the readings against an asset or perform tasks such as create a work order e.g., investigate fire alarm panel alert, transport patient to recovery from theatre 11.

Via Agility Connect, these requests can be generated based on pre-defined triggers into the system (IoT sensor temperature change, car park barrier stuck, patient move etc) and then processed automatically based on the workflow desired and KPI’s inherited to the task type. The work order can be auto deployed, worked on, and completed without any intervention. The status and progress of the work order will be tracked and always displayed against the Red Amber Green (RAG) system. Agility will collect data from any reading point that is available to the system, recording these readings over time. Alerts can be set based on known tolerances; the example below shows a temperature sensor.

This ability to consume data from sensors and IoT devices to detect patterns, anomalies and trends is vital to operations. This becomes even more powerful when the information requests are translated between your CMMS and other systems across a single, seamless data bridge, ensuring a consistent flow of communication.


With data at the heart of industry 4.0 your systems integration or connectivity will allow you to harness the power of your data from a variety of sources to drive further intelligent action and deliver quantifiable business outcomes.

The ability to consume, analyse and utilise data in real time, from across multiple systems that ordinarily run as silos, will enable your digital transformation, and provide you with a smooth, more effective exchange of high-quality consistent data without limitations. By establishing a seamless bi-directional data flow, you can then grow to incorporate future integrations and cement a robust and flexible platform that will adapt to changing needs.

Integration strategies will enable you to leverage your systems and harness the information you have, quickly, easily and, most importantly, accurately, creating faster decision making, precise automation and operational efficiency. As external services become increasingly accessible and cloud technologies and edge computing facilitate information ecosystems within your organisation it becomes possible to bring predictability from uncertainty and genuine insight that drives output and overall productivity.

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