Digital Transformation In Healthcare Across The Globe

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  • Published date: 12 November 2020

2020 has certainly accelerated digital transformation across all sectors and all parts of the globe, as organisations push to adapt the way they work to ensure they have intelligent systems in place. For health and care particularly, there has been a huge focus on adopting the latest technology.

Health organisations are constantly looking for innovative and creative solutions which will enhance efficiencies and help to automate previously manual processes where possible.  The Digital Health Institute Summit taking place in Australia throughout November 2020, and the Digital Health World Congress in London late in November, are both focusing on the digital movement and the unprecedented challenges that the health sector across the globe is facing.

We are excited that our teams from across the world will be attending both conferences (albeit virtually), supporting our efforts to ensure we keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to our understanding of the advances in healthcare.  In addition, we always welcome the opportunity to connect with familiar faces and new ones, including other delegates, and speakers, and both conferences are set to provide some excellent networking.

“The virtual attendance will certainly make things different this year but, I am particularly looking forward to hearing from digital health leaders on the role of technology in future models of Healthcare and understanding the enablers for successful, sustainable, transformation”

Jamie Davis, Head of Solution Delivery (ASPAC)

Both events have brilliant line-ups with international speakers live streaming throughout the conferences, and we can’t wait to hear the interesting and informative insights that these specialists will no doubt provide.

“It’s definitely been different this year with many conferences being cancelled so it’s great to be part of both events. I’m interested to hear from the speakers as to how we address some of the huge challenges facing health and care, from the perspective of patients and the health care providers themselves.”

Amber Hart, Head of New Business (EMEA)

“There’s a lot of energy in the health and care sector and it’s fantastic to see so many speakers and so much super content from around the world, at both events. It’s an opportunity for some great collaboration as well as some time to think about what’s happening throughout the sector, the challenges, and the solutions – it’s certainly going to be thought-provoking that’s for sure.”

Matt Wood, Chief Technology Officer

We’re proud sponsors of the Digital Health Institute Summit and it gives us great pleasure to be involved. Whether you’re based in Australia, or elsewhere in the world, hop over to our page on the DHIS platform, or contact us to find out more about how our IWMS technology is providing insight where it matters most for the modern healthcare environment.

We’ll also be attending the Digital Health World Congress and why not head over to our Agility page, to find out how our completely scalable CAFM is specifically designed to expand with the requirements of highly complex clinical environments.

“The health and care landscape is constantly evolving and the current climate has seen this accelerate. There is an even more rapid expansion into the latest developments (intelligent sensors and artificial intelligence / machine learning), that will help to improve efficiencies and patient experience. Here at SSG Insight, attending sector specific conference such as these, is vital to us continually expanding our sector knowledge, and it’s that knowledge which is key to helping our customers achieving success. Both conferences are set to be extremely interesting and will allow myself and our team of health care experts, to take a deeper dive into the latest sector challenges, proposed solutions, and a vast array of healthcare technological advances.”

Mike Edwards, Group Chief Executive

Look out for our team of healthcare experts at both events and feel free to invite them to chat either on one of the platforms, through LinkedIn, or here on our website.

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