Driving Visibility & Insight Within Maintenance Management

SSG Insight
  • Published date: 8 June 2022

Can you drive visibility and reduce downtime from a single source of data?

Driving visibility & insight of maintenance management is not easy with multiple spreadsheets and paper-based documentation that constantly require manual updates.

Managing multiple excel spreadsheets that grow larger by the day can be a huge burden and drain on resources. Plus, paper-based risk assessments can end up lost, and engineers do not always have the information they need to hand.

We understand the challenges you are facing, and the sheer headache caused.

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Agility Computerised Maintenance Management software drives visibility and insight, and helps to prevent downtime. Specifically developed to support evolving business demands, Agility CMMS drives continuous improvements to workflow management. It removes the burden of the reliance on excel, and paper-based risk assessments, ensuring that all asset and equipment maintenance is in one, centralised system. Not only does this reduce the need for paper-based documentation, but it also ensures that engineers have all the information they need at their fingertips with Agility Mobile.

Would you like to:

  • Make it easier to plan maintenance?
  • Ensure that allocation of jobs is automated and not left to someone to try to schedule or dispatch jobs
  • Reduce downtime through scheduled maintenance
  • Increase labour utilisation with less reactive maintenance and more planned?

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How about real-time visibility, how much would it transform your organisation if you could all see:

  • Jobs that need to be done through an easy-to-use mobile app
  • Outstanding jobs following shift change overs, without relying on someone to fill in a dry-wipe board
  • All job-related information including a full audit trail of work carried out against specific assets
  • Available jobs so that engineers can self-allocate further jobs once theirs are completed
  • Condition-based maintenance data including sensors, temperature control, vibrations, ventilation, and more
  • Other business systems data to support your use of IoT (Internet of Things)
  • KPI data specific to your organisation around breakdowns, controlling equipment, outstanding jobs, and more
  • Compliance information such as ISO 55001, SFG20, and others
  • Spares and stock levels including critical parts
  • And much more

Agility enables manufacturing organisations to optimise their assets, parts and equipment whilst effectively supporting people and process management. It helps engineers to work more efficiently using the dedicated mobile app and enables others across the organisation to log job requests quickly and effectively.

Agility supports operations to work towards continuous improvement as well as saving vital resources, time, and money. Fully supported from implementation, Agility is a scalable and flexible solution which will grow with your organisation and help you to create predictability from uncertainty across your assets and parts, people, and processes.

Talk to our global teams about moving away from excel and paper-based documentation and processes and discover how Agility can provide you with a single source of truth for all your asset and maintenance management.

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