Overcoming Inventory and Stores Management Challenges with Technology

SSG Insight
  • Published date: 29 May 2024
  • Author: Michael Edwards

Effective inventory and stores management in maintenance are crucial for ensuring operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, equipment reliability, and safety. By optimising inventory levels and organising storage effectively, organisations can significantly improve their maintenance operations.

However, inventory and stores management is not without its challenges, and can often mean lots of administration including paper stock levels that are never quite right. Maintaining inventory tracking and accuracy as well as balancing inventory levels whilst ensuring accurate demand forecasting, dealing with spoilage, optimising storage space and controlling costs, can be extremely demanding on Stores and Inventory Managers.

With all this in mind, SSG Insight decided to develop a responsive web application to enable Stores Management on the go, in addition to the existing Inventory Management functionality within Agility CMMS. This brand-new app ensures accuracy and speed, and has received an overwhelmingly positive response from Agility CMMS customers involved in the BETA testing phase.

Agility Mobile Stores enables users to conduct stock checks, receive goods, and complete ad-hoc stock checks, from any device. Supporting Stores and Inventory Managers to:

  • Reduce capital spend tied up in stock
  • Minimise stock outages
  • Lessen downtime
  • Ensure accuracy of data in real-time
  • Enhance efficiencies
  • Decrease administration
  • Remove paper stock counts

Agility Mobile Stores Image: Agility Inventory Management App initial screen

The easy-to-use Agility Mobile Stores app ensures quick and effective stock management on the move. From receiving single to multiple items, from goods with PO numbers to initiating a stock check, from barcode scans to identifying a discrepancy, and so much more, all updates are carried out in real-time to ensure stock levels are accurate and that crucial parts are available. Agility Mobile Stores is a fast and effective way to ensure your inventory and stores management is efficient, cost effective, and reliable.

If you’re already an Agility CMMS user, your account manager will be more than happy to share a quick demonstration with you. Not an Agility CMMS user but want to know more, contact our global team today. Email info@ssginsight.com or dial one of our global offices.

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