EMEA User Day 2022

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  • Published date: 18 November 2022

Discover more about the Agility User Day we held for customers at the end of September 2022

Some great customer feedback following our Agility EMEA User Day

“Given Agility is new to us, the content was inclusive to all experience. The development break out was very exciting with mixed reality.” – UK Furniture Manufacturer

“It was great listening to everyone. Going back with some great information and hope to implement the changes.” – UK Water Company

“I found the event really useful with some tools to take back to use and improve.” – UK Animal Feed Manufacturer

We had several objectives for our EMEA Agility User Day and based on the fantastic feedback we received; I think it’s fair to say we achieved them.

1. Get our EMEA customers in a room together face-to-face (thanks to covid it had been a while) and enjoy some networking

– we had a great turnout with customers from various sectors and at different stages of their Agility journey. Staff and customers were given plenty of opportunities to network (something we’d had previous feedback about) and share valuable ideas.

2. Share some user journey’s so that customers can see the outcomes others are achieving and learn from each other

– we were fortunate to have some great customer presentations which showcased why they chose Agility, how they started to use it, the main benefits for them, and where they see Agility supporting their business in future. Agility CMMS had some powerful outcomes for them all, especially when in use across their multiple sites.

A big thank you to those that presented and the worthwhile user insights that you gave.

Another thank you to those customers who watched these presentations and have since offered to share their Agility CMMS story at the next one.

3. Support customers to maximise their use of Agility

– as well as providing a product update on some of the readily available developments that our in-house dev team have created, we held breakout sessions on areas customers had requested to hear more about. These included:

a. The dedicated Agility mobile app – it’s not a version of the desktop and it’s been designed specifically for use on a mobile device. It was great to group those users together who haven’t started with the mobile app yet and explain how they can benefit, as well as to group the existing users and show them some exciting new functionality as well as existing functionality that their engineers can take advantage of.
b. Agility reporting – crucial to all our Agility CMMS customers is efficient reporting that gives you the insight you need, in an easy to digest format, and enables users to make informed decisions. We shared a lot of best practice in this session as well as how you can report and track against KPIs, targets, staff members, labour utilisation, downtime, and more.
c. Potential developments – this session gave users a chance to comment and feedback on prototypes and developments that might be created in the future. We had some fantastic comments about how great it was to see this in advance of any development and to add to the ideation process. There was a clear favourite which was interesting from our perspective, and it was an ideal opportunity to gather information directly from clients as to how we evolve Agility CMMS to work for them even better.

Based on the feedback forms, it’s fair to say that it was a super day and thank you to all those who attended. We’ve since held a series of short webinar sessions to give those who couldn’t attend a snapshot of what they missed.

The Agility EMEA User Day is just one of many ways in which we work with and support our customers. Since we were established in 1983, it’s always been core to our business to develop customer relationships and understand each of our customers businesses. If you would like to hear more about how we could work with you, support you on your Agility journey, and how you could help shape Agility CMMS, please contact a member of our global team today.

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