European Light Rail Congress 2024

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  • Published date: 24 October 2023
  • Author: Louise Simpson

We are delighted to be kicking off next year’s global events calendar with the European Light Rail Congress. Taking place in Seville, the theme focuses on ‘Light Rail: The backbone of sustainable mobility’.

13th-14th March 2024

Hotel Melia Lebreros, Seville

The congress aims to bring leading professionals and experts together for debates and discussions around the role of technology in the development of efficient and sustainable transport. Following the success of last year’s congress, we look forward to hearing how light rail providers are continuing to improve passenger experiences, and hope to see some familiar faces.

Having worked with light rail organisations globally for many years, we are delighted to be sharing how our Agility asset and maintenance management software supports customers to monitor asset availability, report on KPI metrics, and remain compliant. Attending the event is Amber Hart, Head of New Business (EMEA), who discussed:

“I am delighted to be attending the European Light Rail Congress in Seville next year following the success of the 2023 conference. Having worked with Light Rail organisations around the world for many years’, we are excited about supporting our customers in this industry to pave the way in sustainable public transport for the future. Our Agility asset maintenance software helps light rail systems to run, connecting various neighbourhoods, making it easy for residents and tourists to make their way around cities effectively. I’m looking forward to discovering more aligned with the theme ‘Light Rail: The backbone of sustainable mobility’, and to networking with operators, all whilst in a beautiful location.”

Benefits of Agility include, but are not limited to, reduced downtime, efficient resource utilisation and improved maintenance response. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what some of our global Light Rail customers and partners have said:

“Through using Agility, asset availability now runs at an average of 98% and downtime for failures has reduced from an average of 10 days to 1 day. Agility acts as the Control Room Log which is the central reference point for all information for any operational events that could affect service such as; late trams, withdrawn services, tracing issues, weather, shift handover, accidents, city events and road traffic. Agility captures all this information, approximately 600 entries per month, which are monitored and used to demonstrate performance and then generate any corrective work that might be needed.”

Chris Harper, Engineers Asset Manager at Nottingham Trams

“It was vital for us to ensure the facilitation of ‘real time’ tracking of asset changes and enable full asset maintenance history visibility. To facilitate this, we upgraded to Agility version 9 and migrated to the hosted version of the solution. We had identified that we could take advantage of the many benefits of a modern SaaS platform, including near real-time (NRT), two-way communication through API’s and SFTP sharing asset, work request and PPM updates. This allowed us to integrate Agility with key maintainers CMMS platforms so that we had full visibility of planned and reactive maintenance while making sure that all Work Requests updated on maintainers systems were then reflected in Agility.”

Doug Curry, IT Manager at Edinburgh Trams

“The team at SSG Insight along with the Agility asset and maintenance solution, support our members with the operational maintenance to ensure leading passenger transport services. The expert team have a wealth of knowledge around asset and maintenance management and strategies within Light Rail.

The Agility solution enables Light Rail users to consistently manage their asset and maintenance data through one central source. This captured data can then inform maintenance operations, as well as plans, helps to deliver performance information quickly and easily, and much more.”

James Hammett, Managing Director at UKTram

“SSG Insight worked with us to develop a MMS and Performance Reporting system. They have a talented and dedicated group of developers, with an in-depth experience and knowledge of 3P projects and payment mechanics. Of particular note, the SSG team proved to be very responsive in designing, developing and testing an interface with our major sub-contractor’s MMS system, all completed within a timeframe of just a few months.”

“SSG have a talented and dedicated team with in-depth experience and industry knowledge.”

Glenn Hylton, RTM

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