How Healthy Is Your Organisation – How Agility And CMMS Can Help

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  • Published date: 29 November 2019

Are you confident you’re maximising productivity and minimising costs? Gain valuable insight and improved visibility of your business operations through our Agility Health Check.

Forward-thinking companies are continually analysing their business efficiency – are you?

You’ve implemented a system and it’s working great, but for one reason or another, you know there are areas that could be running more efficiently. Your system isn’t broken – but the way you use it might be.

You simply can’t work efficiently if your system doesn’t either – which is why we’re pleased to introduce the Agility Health Check, providing you with expert advice and tangible feedback so you can make intelligent decisions and improve the way your business operates.

Increased visibility

Paper-based or inefficient systems will only allow you to see limited information on your assets and how you manage them. CMMS offers increased visibility of your assets through clear insight and effective reporting, enabling you to identify good performance and areas for improvement.

Planned preventative maintenance can be scheduled so you know exactly what your team is working on and when, while both traceability and visibility improve your SLAs and compliance.

By providing tangible results, you can help drive real change. CMMS software means you can keep track of your key performance indicators and spot issues quickly, dealing with problems before they arise.

What is an Agility Health Check?

The purpose of an Agility Health Check is to audit and benchmark how your current system is being used to ensure you achieve maximum benefit and tangible savings. Using a thorough quality audit, we take a close look at how well your current system and processes are satisfying your goals, targets, and KPIs.

In fact, many of our customers are already seeing the benefits of working with efficient systems*:

  • 2,000 hours of indirect labour per year saved
  • 60% reduction in paperwork and administration
  • 53% improvement in maintenance response times
  • 200% increase in logged maintenance requests and actions

You do not need to have Agility already to receive benefits of the Health Check – you may already have an existing system in place. With this in mind, the Check will also provide you with suggested improvements, as well as identifying best practice operational advice.

What does “healthy” look like?

We understand that you may have unique goals you aim to achieve, so it’s important that these also meet standard benchmark targets. We are in a unique position to offer invaluable benchmarking insight through our 34 years of successful software implementation.

“The importance of Agility to RPL cannot be overstated. It is fully integrated into our business processes and is used at all levels across the business to manage and improve all aspects of the operation.”

Mark Anderson – RPL Maintenance Manager

As part of the Health Check, our team will identify and score each of the following areas within your business:

  • Production Efficiency
  • Labour Efficiency
  • Stock and Purchasing Efficiency
  • Cost Management
  • Compliance
  • Customer Satisfaction

The Health Check will also identify areas of current inefficiency or challenges you may be experiencing. We will be able to make recommendations to ultimately help you improve margins, increase efficiency, and minimise costs.

Book an Agility Health Check today by speaking to one of our experienced consultants on 01924 200 344, or by filling out our contact form.

*Based on a selection from our customer case studies.

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