Meet The Experts – Mike Edwards

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  • Published date: 20 October 2020

We know that trust and reassurance is key to success, so our ‘Meet the Experts’ series will take a look at the background and experience of some of our senior staff to highlight the expertise they bring and reveal their successes as well as what they think are the most important factors in bringing about improvement.

Building success needs expert insight and knowledge.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it a changing landscape for all sectors and a need to find new ways to enhance efficiencies and be more effective, particularly within health and care.

Here in the UK, we have seen elective procedures postponed in order to create the capacity needed to care for patients with severe symptoms.  These postponed procedures have created a backlog which puts further pressure on the NHS. This is forcing a rethink as to how health trusts and community services operate as we see a tricky balancing act of reintroducing core services alongside caring for patients with Covid-19.

Although £13.4 billion of debt is being written off, financial concerns will still be foremost in the minds of NHS managers. One area where we have seen the NHS start to explore savings potential is in the maintenance of estates and services such as portering.

With estates, we are helping our NHS customers move away from scheduled maintenance. This is being done through the use of sensors and remote monitoring. It means we are helping to ensure that equipment, such as air conditioning systems, are not over or under-maintained, but maintained in the most efficient way. This reduces the downtime needed for extra maintenance work.

We are also helping with services such as portering. Jobs are allocated to mobile devices with the use of Agility Auto Deployment and facilitating the use of KPI measures which provides improved transparency and the ability to monitor progress against each KPI.

These projects rely on SSG Insight team’s experience and their ability to listen to what our customers need. Each trust or service provider has its own challenges and the solution to this must be adaptable to that organisation – there is no one-size-fits-all measure.

Sector knowledge is key to success

Our experts work closely with trusts to understand their needs and find the solution that works for them. Combine this experience with the latest developments (intelligent sensors and artificial intelligence/machine learning) and we not only help to improve efficiency but can also improve the patient experience.

By building trust through our experience and proven success, our project managers provide a single point of access to a team of people using knowledge and innovation to build improvement and resilience.

SSG Insight is fortunate to have a team with deep sector knowledge within Healthcare. We set out to help our customers meet their objectives, deliver complex projects on time, and avoid costly contractual penalties. Our starting point is to listen carefully to what our customers need rather than setting out to sell a solution. We wanted to highlight this experience and the benefits for our customers in a new series called ‘Meet the experts’ – I hope you find them an interesting read.

Mike Edwards, Group Chief Executive Officer at SSG Insight

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