Mobile Working Drives Evolution In Asset Management

SSG Insight
  • Published date: 11 November 2019

SSG Insight extends its Mobile Solutions offering alongside the innovative Agility CMMS solution.

SSG Insight has announced a new extension of its Mobile Solutions offering to provide customers with access to its market-leading Agility CMMS via Apple mobile devices.

The mobile apps enable engineers and maintenance teams to easily create, accept, update and view work orders on the go, allowing teams to become more efficient and productive.

Creating a streamlined workflow, AgilityMobile Solutions speed up response times, reduce completion times and minimises administration. Easy-to-navigate features include the ability to accept, suspend and complete work on the move, raise a new job and capture important information to help identify issues and complete work.

Consistent, quick and easy system access, regardless of location, means customers see significant benefits including the reduction of completion times and the ability to improve quality by reducing duplication and errors through a consistent information flow.

Improved visibility can result in multiple business benefits, such as accurate measurements around the time taken to complete work, and in the ability to empower teams and encourage proactive and collaborative working.

SSG Insight provides smart workplace solutions. It continues to evolve its Agility offering in response to customer demand for a familiar and flexible operating system to allow mobile working, drawing upon latest innovations in data analysis to deliver a more intelligent and intuitive software interface, featuring smart dashboards and dynamic KPI widgets.

Across all industries, IT has become more consumerised and the requirement for mobile working has grown in prominence, resulting in a demand for technology to deliver the same level of functionality out in the field to what’s available in an office. The AgilityMobile CMMS solution enables decision makers to capture real-time data which can be used to give transformative insights.

Hosted via a secure and reliable cloud infrastructure and through a continuous commitment to improving security levels, SSG Insight has achieved the ISO 27001 information security management standard. Agility for iOS has been created to facilitate BYOD schemes and a mobile-first working environment, where employees can rely on continuity between both their personal and work device’s operating systems, which in turn drives major productivity gains within the workforce.

With an emphasis on the customer journey and supporting the need for greater automation and visibility within asset-heavy organisations, Agility is helping businesses to boost efficiency. Instant access to insights enables businesses to better manage their resources, people and processes, and in doing so improve performance by reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Contact us for more information. Agility for iOS is available from the App Store.

“The iOS launch is hot on the heels of our Agility 9 and AgilityBI product launches. Decision makers can now act quickly and confidently wherever their location to optimise operational performance using AgilityBI, whilst Agility 9 enhances the user’s overall experience and via a secure and seamless platform that improves levels of productivity.

Our goal is to provide technology and expertise that can empower smart action, by providing the most user-friendly, insightful and future-proof solution for managing assets, processes and people.”

– Jon Moody, Chief Executive Officer (EMEA & Tech)

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