New Appointment: Graham Bartlett, Chief Commercial Officer

SSG Insight
  • Published date: 4 September 2020

As Chief Commercial Officer (EMEA), Graham will be responsible for the commercial performance and long-term health of the business across EMEA. This will include ensuring there are effective strategies and procedures to deliver planned growth for the brand. Specifically, Graham will be focusing on ensuring the commercial team delivers and exceeds customer’s expectations.

After graduating Brunel University, Graham worked as a Teacher for 2 years then developed his career over the last 20 years in Senior Leadership roles managing Sales and commercial teams globally. Graham’s experience includes Capita and Serco through to SME’s, predominately involved in technology and software solutions.

Speaking about the exciting challenge ahead, Graham said:

‘3 key factors attracted me to the role at SSG Insight; firstly, 35 years proven track record in delivering great client solutions. Secondly, a first-class portfolio of clients, coupled with the opportunity to extend many of these into enterprise clients spanning Europe and Asia working in conjunction with the team based out of Perth, Australia. And finally, it’s a family business, built on strong principles.

This is a great opportunity for clients to embrace cloud-based solutions, many of our clients are in the process of taking advantage of this technology, combined with IoT, which opens up so many new possibilities to discover new levels of performance. A key role of the commercial team is to educate and inform clients of the possibilities that technology delivers through digital transformation – especially with key outcomes that can be monitored and measured.

“I have been really impressed with the openness and professionalism displayed by the Group CEO, which has been supported up by the Board’s confidence that this is a business embarking on a new and exciting phase of growth”

Graham Bartlett, Chief Commercial Officer

Naturally this will be a steep learning curve for me, however the quality and professionalism of the SSG Insight team have made that easier. Understanding the business, identifying where improvements can be made in the short to medium term, coupled with strengthening and growing the Commercial team will help us take advantage of the exciting opportunities in the market.

Without question, my experience in business coupled with the events we have witnessed over the past 6 months have highlighted the importance and value of really engaging and listening to your clients, developing relationships based upon trust is key.’

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