New Appointment: Jamie Davis, Head of Solution Delivery (ASPAC)

SSG Insight
  • Published date: 1 October 2020

As Head of Solution Delivery (ASPAC), Jamie will be responsible for the alignment of technical delivery and client outcomes. As the main point of contact between customers and technical teams, Jamie will help ensure Agility’s functional specifications are defined correctly and exceptional customer outcomes are achieved.

After migrating to the UK from Australia in 1998, Jamie spent 14 years working in Facilities, Asset and Commercial management roles in the Petroleum and Retail sector throughout the UK and Europe.  He returned to Australia in 2011, focussing on Strategic Asset Management roles in Healthcare, Government and Utilities sectors. 

Speaking about his new role at SSG Insight, Jamie said:

“I was attracted to SSG Insight by the opportunity to help customers solve complex problems using Agility, which has incredible functionality and the potential to deliver revolutionary improvements.

“My plans for the next three months include mobilising some very significant projects, establishing project reporting and cost analysis tools and undertaking Root Cause Analysis for a key customer to ensure they maximise the operational benefits of Agility.

“It is so important to make hard decisions early, as fortune really does favour the brave.”

Jamie Davis, Head of Solution Delivery (ASPAC)

There are some amazing opportunities right now for the Tech sector and as a company, we have the ability to guide organisations through advancements in workflow automation, data analytics, predictive modelling and greater business insight through connected systems.

“SSG Insight’s technology suite is highly advanced and Industry 4.0 ready.  Massive opportunities lie in the upskilling of our customers in this new technology and generating value through strategic collaboration.”

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