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  • Published date: 5 July 2024
  • Author: SSG Insight

At SSG Insight, we pride ourselves on building and maintaining strong relationships with customers. It is great to regularly catch up with customers to understand more about where they are in their Agility journey, and their upcoming plans for the software. If you are investing in a new CMMS, and are considering implementing Agility, take a look at some of the great feedback we have received recently:

West Midlands Metro

West Midlands Metro has significant expansion plans in the coming years to enhance connectivity across the region. The team searched for an all-in-one solution for maintenance and asset management, that enabled them to meet strict compliance regulations. Peter Buckingham, Document Controller and Agility Project Support discussed:

“It has been an interesting journey to understand the intricate workings of our data processing methods including specific formats, groups, or codes, and figuring out the best ways to manage them. Over time, the capabilities of Agility have become increasingly apparent, highlighting its potential to support us now and in the future.

We enjoy working with the team at SSG Insight from our account manager who is in regular contact, to the technical support team and more.”

Read the full case study here to learn more about the challenges West Midlands Metro faced previously, and how Agility has helped them to overcome these.


Brickworks (a Persimmon Homes brand)

Brickworks and Tileworks are brands that sit within the Persimmon Homes Group, and are focused on delivering high quality homes. In 2013, there was an increase in new homes, and sourcing certain building materials was proving to be problematic. This was affecting the productivity of Persimmon Homes, prompting them to begin thinking about producing their own bricks and tiles.

Prior to Agility, the maintenance team found managing their maintenance activities a challenge as they were using paper documentation and excel, encouraging them to search for a digital system to streamline their maintenance operations. Matthew Wride, Maintenance Engineer recently discussed:

“Whilst the team have not had Agility CMMS in place for long Matthew explained that he was: “very impressed with the implementation process and the speed of implementation. We’ve worked closely with the team at SSG Insight, we’ve been able to get our data in shape to add to the system, and the implementation has been a smooth process, as has the training. The implementation consultant and our account manager have been great and really supportive, there has been commitment on both sides, and we have worked together extremely well.”

Brickworks are still in the infancy of their Agility journey, and have big plans to roll the system out to the wider team. Read the full case study here to understand more about their implementation journey so far, and their future plans.



Wienerberger was founded in 1819 and is the world’s largest producer of bricks, clay blocks, and clay roof tiles. In 2016, the team began to search for a CMMS to manage their maintenance and assets more effectively. Ali Ben Henda, Continuous Improvement Manager discussed:

“Before Agility, we had no clear picture of what was happening across our 14 sites and we didn’t have a ‘one source of truth’ when it came to managing assets.

If I had to describe using Agility in a nutshell, for me, it is pivotal that all our data is in one place and that we have visibility of the reports.

The team at SSG Insight have supported us throughout and I love the way the team are always looking at new things for the software and new technologies to integrate with. There’s lots of innovation, and we’re involved in that process. The team often visit to see how we are, but also to see the Agility solution in action and understand exactly how we’re using it, why we do things a certain way, and more. They try to work with us to help us maximise our use of the software and to ensure that they are evolving the solution to meet our future needs.

The support team are quick to reply and respond, which is helpful. Any of our users can access support as and when they need it, and then we share the responses across our teams in case it’s of use to them too. Plus, if it’s something that needs to go to development, the SSG Insight team escalate it, but they keep you informed the whole time.

Relationships wise, the team do a really good job. We work closely with our account manager, but we know the team  in product, support, the tech consultants, and many others, as well.”

If you’d like to understand more about Wienerberger’s Agility journey, and their future plans with integrating Agility with external business systems, read the full case study here.


We will continue to provide high levels of service and work with our customers to ensure they are getting the most out of their systems. If you have any queries about how our teams can support you, no matter where you are in your asset and maintenance management journey, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you are already an Agility user, and you’d like to hear from other users about how they use the system, and how this supports their operations, our EMEA Customer User Day will focus on maximising your use of the system. To secure your place, register here today.

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