SFG20 Integration With Agility

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  • Published date: 24 May 2022

Unite SFG20 data within your CAFM system

Are you and your team constantly asking, “what should I be doing to maintain this asset and how frequently?”

SFG20 has over 2,000 maintenance schedules covering more than 70 equipment types and is the industry standard for building maintenance specifications. Ensuring you are staying up to date with constantly changing legislation and regulation can be challenging. This is especially true if you are carrying out updates manually or with blanket imports to your software or spreadsheet systems. In addition, it can be tricky to remove tasks that are not a requirement for your organisation.

At SSG Insight we are continually looking for ways to evolve our software and services to make life easier for our customers, and this includes how customers manage following the schedules within SGF20. We are a data provider partner with SFG20 and as such will be offering integration via our API from SFG20 Core to the Agility CAFM solution.

As you are no doubt aware, SFG20 was launched by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) and provides maintenance schedules to follow including:

  • Colour coding to make it simple to identify how critical the task is including those that are required legally and those that are optional
  • Regularity of task to ensure assets are not over or under maintained
  • Training and skills to complete tasks relating to safety, electrics, gas, mechanical, and more

The SFG20 technical team review all relevant legislative and regulatory updates, identify the implications for the correct maintenance of assets and update SFG20 maintenance schedules accordingly. By using a direct API integration between SFG20 Core and Agility CMMS, PPM schedules, standard job templates, and task checklists can be updated in real-time. Eliminating the need to perform manual downloads of SFG20 data, it reduces the risk of errors, providing more assurance of compliance, and removes the headache of having to maintain the standard changes within your systems yourself.

The Agility CAFM API is being developed to pull data directly from SFG20 and to use this data to automatically create planned maintenance schedules within Agility. The dedicated Agility mobile app will enable staff to view the complete SFG20 data directly from the PPM schedule, standard job, and checklist, ensuring they have easy and direct access to links to the relevant legislation and documents.

Agility CAFM ensures an audit trail which includes a date and time stamp, and the staff member skills/training. The checklist will record from the core Agility application and mobile device, if the person undertaking the work has carried out the mandatory, required, and optional tasks., to demonstrate that compliance has been achieved. Reports will then be easily generated and automated, to demonstrate compliance as well as analyse compliance data quickly. The Agility and SFG20 API integration supports more efficient and targeted maintenance, ensuring there is less reactive maintenance, and enabling less PPMs to reduce downtime and costs.

Discover how to unite your asset and maintenance management with SFG20 standards and data, with Agility CAFM. Contact one of our global team today to find out more about this new development coming soon, email info@ssginsight.com or complete the form below.

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