SSG Insight And AMRC Empower Innovation In The Manufacturing Industry With New CMMS

SSG Insight
  • Published date: 12 November 2019

Yorkshire based asset management solution experts, SSG Insight hold inspirational key customer event at the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) in Sheffield.

SSG Insight is working closely with the AMRC to help drive innovation across the manufacturing industry. The event forms part of the AMRC’s Digital Meet Manufacturing campaign, which aims to raise awareness within the manufacturing community about the many benefits of Industry 4.0.

Together, these two organisations are empowering SMEs to work smarter by using technology and data-driven insights to automate workflow, reduce downtime and ultimately reduce costs and maximise profits.

The day included a tour of the AMRC’s Factory 2050, the UK’s first state of the art factory dedicated to conducting collaborative research into reconfigurable digitally assisted assembly, component manufacturing and machining technologies.

SSG Insight demonstrated some of the capabilities of their industry-leading CMMS solution, Agility, through a series of showcases utilising IOT devices. The interactive presentations highlighted the ability to consume data from multiple sources and feed this into Agility through the new API layer, AgilityConnect.

These ranged from a simple external button configured to raise a new work order on a single click, through to external sensors sending continuous readings into the system where condition monitoring thresholds controlled the generation of new jobs. The demonstration helped clients to visualise how these solutions could be integrated into their businesses today to maximise efficiencies and begin to realise Industry 4.0.

SSG Insight were supported on the day by their partners Antifriction Components and Invisible Systems. Antifriction specialise in bearings and lubricants; they help their customers increase the life span of their equipment by implementing lubrication strategies. Invisible Systems manufacture innovative sensors for monitoring energy, conditions and fixed assets plus Wireless RF transmitters and control tools. Agility utilises information from both partners to automate processes and make decisions to reduce downtime and costs.

SSG Insight’s CEO Jon Moody said “By working together with the AMRC, we hope to deliver game-changing results for our customers and inspire them to embrace innovation. This partnership brings us one step closer to achieving our vision to be the global leader in innovative smart workplace management solutions.

We hope this event has shown our customers what is possible and that you don’t need a state-of-the-art factory to reap the benefits of emerging technology. By utilising data-driven insights and optimising or retrofitting existing equipment customers can still embrace technology to maximise efficiencies and reduce costs.

These key customer events form part of our new customer-centric strategy and we hope this will be the first of many.”

Jonathan Bray, the AMRC’s Deputy Head of Digital, said: “It was great to welcome SSG Insight and their partners to Factory 2050 to showcase our state-of-the-art factory and the potential benefits we can introduce to industry.

“The AMRC is here to support companies of all sizes, including SMEs and startups, to realise their potential. We want to take the risk out of innovation for business, whether this is talking to companies about disruptive digital technologies or developing a demonstrator that prevents disrupting business lines.

“The feedback I received from the tour was wonderful and I look forward to welcoming many companies back to the AMRC to discuss how we can work together on future projects.”

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