SSG Insight And Invisible Systems Partnership Announced

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  • Published date: 1 May 2020

The power of the Internet of Things (IoT) is now undeniable in our everyday lives. As consumers, our busy lives are already intertwined with the Internet of Things (IoT) to simplify and save us valuable time. At home, our security, heating, lighting and virtual assistants collect and receive streams of data to monitor and automate our daily activities.

IoT technology doesn’t just impact consumers it is transforming the way companies do business. Combining the power of IoT with a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) such as Agility opens up a world of new possibilities for maintenance professionals.

SSG Insight has been delighting customers with their market-leading CMMS software, Agility, for over 35 years. Agility provides customers with game-changing data insight for their organisation, streamlines their maintenance operations, reduces costs and increases efficiency.

However, thanks to a new partnership between SSG Insight and Invisible Systems, Agility users are about to realise new capabilities of the software due to IoT technology integration. This combination will provide CMMS users with greater data-insight, increased reliability and accuracy of data.

Through the use of wireless IoT sensors from Invisible Systems mounted on equipment, maintenance professionals are able to monitor assets more effectively. Data collected from equipment is stored in the cloud and connected to SSG Insight Agility CMMS software making it even easier to track important information such as temperature, thermal, lubrication or vibration deviation. This information then triggers work requests based on defined thresholds in Agility.

Assets essentially monitor themselves, by setting the right parameters, Agility alerts you when an asset requires maintenance. Maintenance professionals no longer need to wait until an asset breaks down to fix it. IoT technology makes it easier and less time-consuming to adopt a proactive maintenance strategy that helps predict failures before they occur delivering huge efficiency savings in both labour, equipment and parts.

IoT devices collect huge amounts of data, but without CMMS software you could be starved of insight. Combining Invisible Systems IoT capabilities with Agility empowers the user with greater insight, which in turn has the power to revolutionise their organisation. Data insight is just one of the benefits of this partnership, the possibilities for cost savings, longer equipment life and inventory control as you’ll see below are endless.

“Our latest technology partnership reflects our commitment to product innovation that delivers real impact for the customer”

Cost Savings
By mounting Invisible Systems sensors on physical assets, processing the data they capture and storing it in Agility organisations can move to a predictive maintenance strategy. Technicians can plan their jobs on a particular asset with all the context of the records of that asset and fix the equipment before it breaks. This integration helps you perform interventions on machines only when it is required, which immediately reduces the parts and labour costs that are associated with replacements.
Should an unexpected breakdown occur, Invisible Systems sensors will detect it and feed this back to Agility to alert the maintenance team immediately. This reduces the downtime of the equipment and the costs associated with this and increase your organisation’s output.

Increase Equipment Lifecycle
When you gain insight into the working history of each and every asset by combining Agility and Invisible Systems IoT sensors, you would be able to maintain your equipment easily, making sure that the maintenance is up to date and extend the asset’s lifetime.

For example, if you know that to optimise the performance of a piece of equipment it needs to be serviced every 500 rotations you can mount an Invisible Systems sensor on the asset, this will feed back the number of rotations to Agility to then generate a job and assign the most appropriate and available engineer to service the asset immediately. This will keep your asset servicing and maintenance up to date and extend its lifetime reducing the cost of replacement and downtime caused by breakdowns.

Inventory control
Agility and Invisible Systems IoT technology can provide departments across your organisation with accurate data flow on when and how physical assets from your stockroom are used. You can significantly improve inventory control and spare parts management by connecting the stockrooms and purchasing departments.

Agility enables you to set thresholds so when a certain asset falls below your optimal quantity it will alert your purchasing department to replenish the stock. Additionally, Agility can store all previous purchasing data for your inventory and predict and recommend the optimal quantity to re-order.

“Closer integration with IoT technology means Agility users can unlock almost unlimited potential for their operation”

Companies can no longer ignore the Internet of Things’ capacity to increase productivity and cut costs and those who adopt and integrate it with their CMMS will benefit from a huge competitive advantage.

SSG Insight and Invisible Systems have formed their partnership after listening to their customers and recognising the game-changing results they could provide for them by combining this innovative technology. Their partnership is only in its infancy but they are already looking at ways in which their solutions can support clients across the healthcare, manufacturing, maintenance and transport industries. They are talking to their clients to establish what their pain points are and are using their solutions to manage assets, streamline workflow and automate jobs.

By combining IoT and CMMS software SSG Insight and Invisible Systems can help your organisation harness the power of Industry 4.0, drive further intelligent action and deliver quantifiable business outcomes.

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