Understanding The Benefits Of CMMS

SSG Insight
  • Published date: 29 November 2019

In our insight article, we discuss the benefits of CMMS and how it can both help you refine your maintenance management and offer real return on investment.

A Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) can greatly improve your asset performance and increase productivity. Investing the time to implement CMMS software can vastly reduce your equipment downtime, decrease cost and provide better processes to manage and maintain vital assets.

In this guide to understanding the benefits of CMMS, we consider the main advantages of using maintenance management software – and how they can help you take control of your asset management.

Increased visibility

Paper-based or inefficient systems will only allow you to see limited information on your assets and how you manage them. CMMS offers increased visibility of your assets through clear insight and effective reporting, enabling you to identify good performance and areas for improvement.

Planned preventative maintenance can be scheduled so you know exactly what your team is working on and when, while both traceability and visibility improve your SLAs and compliance.

By providing tangible results, you can help drive real change. CMMS software means you can keep track of your key performance indicators and spot issues quickly, dealing with problems before they arise.

Automated scheduling

Maintenance management systems allow work scheduling to a time in the future, so you don’t have to remember when an asset or piece of equipment needs parts replacing or servicing – the system notifies you automatically.

Scheduled maintenance reduces the likelihood of unplanned downtime, so you can stay up and running all year round with minimal disruption. One of our customers, Bakkavor, has seen a significant improvement on its reactive versus planned maintenance – from 80/20 improving to 50/50.

Effective asset management

Decreased downtime, less disruption, and a more efficient production line is a maintenance manager’s dream. Using a CMMS means longevity of your critical assets and a better understanding of what needs replacing and when, so not only can you maximise your asset life-cycle, but you can make financial plans and budgets too.

Better people management

Maintenance management software allows you to maintain more than assets and equipment – it also allows you to schedule work to the best-suited people in your business, so the right person can complete the work, on time and with easy access to the right parts and documentation. For some of our customers, asset management software saves them 2,000 hours of indirect labour per year!

CMMS helps you to refine your labour processes, improves working conditions, and highlights your organisation’s areas for improvement, so you can make the vital changes you need to operate smoothly and efficiently, all year round.

Constantly changing technology

SSG Insight recognise changing technology within the industry. With over 30 years of experience and expertise, we know it’s important that any system you choose has the future in mind. Think quick access cloud-based solutions and intelligent dashboards for greater insight into your asset performance.

Mobile apps allow remote working and efficient scheduling, so no matter how you work, the right CMMS works for you. With up and coming technologies on the horizon, automation has never become more vital within the maintenance industry.

Real return on investment

Efficient systems offer averages of 60% reduction in paperwork and administration, 53% improvement in maintenance response times, and 200% increase in logged maintenance requests and actions*.

Once you realise the true cost of not having a CMMS or simply having a poorly performing system in place, investing in a market-leading maintenance management system becomes an easy decision – and you’ll quickly see a real return on your investment.

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