Agility in Transport and Distribution

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Agility is a powerful maintenance management solution that gives visibility of your operations in transport and distribution – all in one single system. With Agility at the core of how you manage and maintain your assets, processes, and people, you can increase your work completion times by 35%*.

Using Agility, maintenance managers have a clearer picture of their assets. Keeping operations running smoothly requires visibility of assets, work and service requests, and team and contractor availability to achieve compliance and SLAs. Agility allows you to seamlessly allocate work to your best-placed available resource, ensuring minimum response times. With Agility, you can capture customer satisfaction, identify areas for improvement, and report on real-time performance.

SSG Insight is a company with over 35 years’ experience in providing CMMS solutions for the transport and distribution sector. This puts us in the best position to understand the challenges you face – daily. With experience in rail systems to maintaining major retail distribution centres, SSG Insight have proven time-after-time that we can deliver efficiencies, help compliance and better manage costs.

“Agility is used extensively throughout the tram network by 135 users across a 24/7 shift pattern. It manages 500 reactive and 400 planned work orders per month and coordinates over 400 inventory movements.”

— Leanne Cooke, Engineering Asset Manager, Nottingham Tram

“Agility gives us real visibility of our asset performance and service levels and helps identify areas for improvement and investment.”

— Chris Williams, Commercial Manager, Nottingham Tram

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*Based on our customer data in transport.

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