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Asset Management
Inventory & Purchasing
Labour & skills
Work management

Agility9, maintenance management for forward-thinking organisations, comes with a set of dynamic views (widgets) so you can quickly respond to change and make better-informed decisions on the spot, saving time and valuable resources.

Personalise your Agility experience through a new intuitive user interface as you build your own smart dashboard to give you accurate visibility of your operation’s day-to-day tasks, whenever you need it.

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Widgets include breakdowns, downtime, resource availability, labour utilisation, purchase orders to approve, cost overrun, and costs & items that recently reached minimum quantity.

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Agility Mobile Solutions

Agility Mobile Solutions brings our maintenance management solution straight to your mobile device – so you can react to any situation at any time.

If you want to recognise and react to situations instantly, then you need Agility Mobile Solutions, where each member of your team will be able to respond to and action work orders as they occur, shortening response times and maximising service levels and production output.

With new Agility for iOS, your team can handle your organisation’s workload and focus on key tasks on the move, including:

  • Accept, suspend and complete work on the move
  • Capture fault codes to identify common issues
  • Raise a new job from the iOS device
  • Capture completion comments for future reference

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