Becoming SSG Insight

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We started in 1983 as SoftSols Group with unlimited ambition and excitement about how we could harness technology to drive efficiencies in maintenance and engineering workflow.

35 years later, we’ve expanded globally, from our headquarters in the UK to operations in Australia, Canada, and Poland and through our international network of trusted partners. Driven by our innovation and ambition, our vision is to provide insight for our customers, guiding them to make intelligent decisions.

Our asset and maintenance management product, Agility, was developed to deliver efficiencies and value to customers around the world. That flagship product continues growing and is now driven by our path of building intelligent business solutions, delivering ever increasing insight for our customers.

Our business has built unrivalled knowledge and industry experience, yet we realise our success relies on being one step ahead. Our growth is fuelled by our drive to focus on the future of technology and harness new opportunities.

As we work together with our customers and partners we share our knowledge, experience, and industry best practice, delivering value that drives their business and ours into the future.

Which is why, after 35 years of providing market-leading, ground-breaking software solutions, close customer relationships and solid trust, SoftSols Group has changed its name to SSG Insight.

Our new identity accurately represents the company we are and our future direction, providing insight to allow businesses to make intelligent decisions.

We want all our partners, suppliers, and customers to grow with us on our journey and embrace the ambition and innovation intrinsic to how we operate throughout the world.

Who are we?

We are SSG Insight. For the Intelligent Business.