Sitech: An Agility Case Study

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Agility gives leading car parts’ manufacturer clear visibility of workplace, assets, and people

Sitech is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG and comprises Sitech Sp. z o.o. in Poland and Sitech GmbH in Germany. It specialises in the manufacture of metal structures for car seats for selected models of cars for Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, and Seat. Over 1,200 employees work in three shifts on several production lines.

The business need

Sitech needed a transparent and unified process in their maintenance department. This needed to effectively oversee work planning, personnel management, worktime optimisation, and warehouse management.

The solution

The implementation of Agility through CPU Zeto, one of SSG Insight’s partners, at Sitech now provides them with an effective system for managing both planned and reactive maintenance, a history of works, creation of work schedules, and generation of performance reports. Using these reports it is possible to understand how improvements can be made to workflow across the organisation. Most importantly, Agility allows them to identify work efficiently to increase productivity and understand the relationships between the activities of the Maintenance and Manufacturing teams.

The implementation of Agility

Agility’s flexibility allowed Sitech’s requirements to be fully configured, including adapting individual user functionality. An improved workflow was established for the Maintenance team within the Manufacturing Plant with relevant documents included as attachments in Agility. In addition, a user access authorisation system was created on the basis of the existing security requirements.

The initial implementation of Agility included:

  • Service and Materials Management.
  • Human Resource Management, including creation of timesheets, performance records, identification of employees, work history, and a connection to contractors.
  • Health and Safety Management, including certificates, authorisations, and training.
  • Creation of an Asset Structure and coding system, including equipment, equipment parts, warehouse goods, and maintenance employees, allowing them to be individually identified and connected together as required.
  • Identification of an equipment structure and equipment parts with equipment technical information sheets.
  • A Job Order system: perform/suspend/reject status available on the Cipherlab and Motorola mobile devices with laser barcode readers.
  • Warehouse inventory, including spare parts and equipment store.

Since the initial implementation of Agility, further work has been done with Sitech, including:

  • Creation of complete records of factory equipment, including location and replacements.
  • Reactive maintenance records for specific pieces of equipment.
  • Full schedules of work.
  • Records of historical breakdown work carried out on equipment.
  • Records of employee time spent on repairs, maintenance and inspections, with additional options of reporting time of starting work, exceeding planned times, and not carrying out work.
  • Records and analysis of spare parts and materials used on repairs.
  • Ensuring notifications concerning faults and breakdowns can be made directly from the factory floor using mobile devices, including equipment meter readings.
  • Implementation of maintenance warehouse management and stock control.
  • Analysis and reporting of the workload of specialists who have the ability to self-allocate their own work.
  • Integration with ERP/SAP system in specifically designated areas.
Benefits of using Agility

By using existing data and information, the implementation of Agility was relatively seamless and well received. Agility is now being used by 600 users in Sitech and allows them to understand their maintenance management processes and identify areas for improvement. Sitech uses Agility to report on KPIs, including MTBF, MTTA, MTTR and Pareto Analysis, and share this information throughout the organisation. Agility provides a detailed analysis of workload, employees, faults, and breakdowns so that Sitech have a complete understanding of their workplace, assets, and people.