Reduce costly, unplanned downtime with effective maintenance management

Simple, smart, and optimised maintenance management starts here. Agility is a CMMS and EAM platform that will empower your maintenance team, increase asset uptime, and save costs.

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Predict and prevent asset breakdown before it happens

Agility’s smart preventive and condition-based maintenance (CbM) features help maintenance teams to make essential repairs before it is too late. Easily schedule, assign, and complete maintenance for all assets so that services remain undisrupted, and resources stay productive. For every task, add important details like associated parts so your maintenance team know exactly what to book out to complete a job on time.

Collect data on planned maintenance and asset conditions in a single dashboard to cut out manual checks with no added paperwork. With Agility, you will increase productivity, maximise output and reduce vital costs across your organisation.


Cut costs with preventive maintenance

Schedule regular preventive maintenance (PM) for all assets to reduce costly breakdowns and extend asset lifespan. Using Agility CMMS and EAM will allow you to smartly assign PM jobs to the best person available, helping reduce service disruptions and boost work completion times. With effective maintenance, you will save costs and increase overall asset output.

Harness the power of IoT with condition-based monitoring

Track vibrations, temperature, and energy usage through connected IoT devices and trigger condition-based maintenance in real time. No longer wait on manual checks and reactive repairs to discover what could be wrong with your assets. Agility automatically triggers work orders as conditions change, ensuring you can avert disaster and save time.

Create an organised inventory of spare parts

Link critical spares that belong to your assets and set minimum quantity levels to trigger purchase orders when stock gets too low. With Agility, your engineers can book out parts and see stock availability across sites, so they are always aware if they have the right spares available to do the job. Minimise downtime and save time with an organised inventory in Agility.

Get data-driven insight into maintenance work and costs

Set up dashboards to track asset conditions, usage, and planned maintenance with up-to-the-minute data. Use Agility to measure KPIs and visualise the desired data in engaging charts so your maintenance and planning team knows their progress. Easily prepare for audits with historic maintenance reports that show all the work done.

Complete maintenance tasks on the go with AgilityMobile

Save time by scheduling and allocating maintenance work orders to engineers, wherever they are, which they can then access through AgilityMobile. Attach compliance checklists, photos, manuals, and instructions so your team can quickly complete tasks without hassle. Empower your staff to self-allocate work orders, helping you increase productivity and reduce backlog.

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Discover how Agility’s full asset maintenance management solution can help you

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Enterprise Asset

Optimise asset lifecycles, manage spares, measure KPIs and cut costs across global sites with Agility’s enterprise asset management platform.

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Manage the costs from your asset maintenance and resources with optimised productivity and streamlined workflow across your operations.

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Optimise the productivity of your contracted and internal workers with full visibility of their skill set, availability and certifications.

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IoT and

Create a smart workplace ecosystem with integrated IoT devices to monitor your assets’ health in real time. Trigger automated predictive maintenance without lifting a finger.

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Data and

Integrate any business system and monitor and visualise your maintenance data in a suite of accurate reports and dashboards.

Maximise your operations by implementing Agility CMMS

Matt Shakespeare

Maintenance Manager, ZND
Agility really has transformed our processes and allowed us to work smarter and faster, increasing our efficiencies to deliver our products to our customer base...We’ve been able to effectively analyse breakdown time which has had a huge impact on our operations, the view we have within Agility as allowed us to predict and establish potential issues, significantly decreasing breakdowns, saving us valuable time and money.

Dan Smith

Asset Intelligence and Inventory Lead, Guernsey Water
Agility has provided us a one stop shop platform where we can have all our data stored in a single location together with great flexibility being cloud based meaning we can gain access from any device, from any location.

Derek Herrmann

Managing Director, Herrco Cosmetics
The SSG Insight team took the time to understand our business, from what we do to what we wanted to achieve with the asset and maintenance system, and where we want to go. They were able to demonstrate the flexibility and scalability of the Agility solution, showing us what it could do for us now in the way of preventive maintenance, schedules, critical parts, etc., and how it could grow with us into the future.

Stuart Smith

Group Reliability & Asset Care Manager, AB Connect (a division of AB Agri)
We’re constantly looking to ensure all sites are actively using Agility and standardising the reports produced by each so that we can benchmark. This helps us to operate even more effectively and supports our drive to get our standards even higher, Agility is pivotal to this...In a nutshell, Agility is easy to use, it makes the job easier, and I don’t think we should be without it.

Caroline Howarth

Asset Manager, Keolis Amey Metrolink
Agility is also supporting us with achieve our ISO 55001 compliance, the checklists are great, and we’re able to carry out an audit very quickly as all the information we need is right there in Agility.
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Expert deployment, training and support to ensure you achieve maximum ROI

The team at SSG Insight will ensure Agility is seamlessly integrated into your operations so it can meet your organisation’s specific needs and goals. From planning your transition to Agility to ongoing support, we will continue to provide trusted customer support and training to help you maximise Agility’s offerings.

Contact our expert team to find out how Agility can help improve your operations.