Optimise asset performance with smart automation and IoT monitoring

Go beyond preventive maintenance with condition-based maintenance. Learn about asset health in real time, automate maintenance planning and improve asset reliability in Agility CMMS and EAM.

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Get on top of asset failure before it happens

Integrate IoT sensors and any business system through Agility Connect (our open API), enabling efficient control over your assets, processes, and people. Centralise all your data into one place to save time by triggering automation for work orders.

Set rules for condition-based monitoring when using IoT sensors so that work orders are automatically triggered before something goes wrong. Get on top of early warning signs and shift from over-maintenance and unplanned downtime to optimised asset availability and output.


Integrate with any business system

Agility’s open API integrates with any business system so that you can centralise your data in one place. Whether you are looking to integrate ERP systems like SAP or Sage to automate critical part purchase orders or reporting tools like Power Bi to visualise your data, we will get you connected. Take the complexity of connecting your business and maintenance operations and simplify it with Agility CMMS an EAM. Save time and take complete control of operations.

Cut maintenance costs with condition-based monitoring

Implement an effective predictive maintenance strategy with condition-based monitoring to help extend asset lifespans and reduce downtime. Agility analyses IoT sensor behaviour, automatically learns how your assets perform and detect anomalies and patterns to predict machine failure before it happens. Real-time condition-based monitoring ensures effective maintenance of your assets, helping you to decrease costs with increased uptime.

Reduce admin time and automate instant work orders

Streamline your maintenance planning and scheduling with automated job deployment in Agility. Powered by real-time sensor data, Agility will automatically trigger a work order when there is an abnormal change in conditions. Make the switch from manual checks to advanced machine learning workflow automation. Improve asset and resource utilisation.

Access real-time data on asset health and performance on demand

Use flexible dashboards to manage the health of your assets with real-time data from IoT sensors. With increased insight into costs, conditions, and performance, you can find ways to increase asset availability and reduce asset failure and downtime. Make intuitive decisions using live data to avoid unnecessary preventive maintenance by only maintaining the assets that require attention.

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Discover how Agility’s full asset maintenance management solution can help you

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Enterprise Asset

Optimise asset lifecycles, manage spares, measure KPIs and cut costs across global sites with Agility’s enterprise asset management platform.

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Manage the costs from your asset maintenance and resources with optimised productivity and streamlined workflow across your operations.

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Optimise the productivity of your contracted and internal workers with full visibility of their skill set, availability and certifications.

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Data and

Integrate any business system and monitor and visualise your maintenance data in a suite of accurate reports and dashboards.

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Effective Maintenance Management

Avoid asset downtime and easily schedule, plan and automate work orders with preventive and condition-based maintenance in Agility.

Maximise your operations by implementing Agility CMMS

Dan Smith

Asset Intelligence and Inventory Lead, Guernsey Water
Agility has provided us a one stop shop platform where we can have all our data stored in a single location together with great flexibility being cloud based meaning we can gain access from any device, from any location.

Matt Shakespeare

Maintenance Manager, ZND
Agility really has transformed our processes and allowed us to work smarter and faster, increasing our efficiencies to deliver our products to our customer base...We’ve been able to effectively analyse breakdown time which has had a huge impact on our operations, the view we have within Agility as allowed us to predict and establish potential issues, significantly decreasing breakdowns, saving us valuable time and money.

Caroline Howarth

Asset Manager, Keolis Amey Metrolink
Agility is also supporting us with achieve our ISO 55001 compliance, the checklists are great, and we’re able to carry out an audit very quickly as all the information we need is right there in Agility.

Doug Curry

IT Manager, Edinburgh Trams
It was vital for us to ensure the facilitation of ‘real time’ tracking of asset changes and enable full asset maintenance history visibility...We had identified that we could take advantage of the many benefits of a modern SaaS platform, including near real-time (NRT), two-way communication through API’s and SFTP sharing asset, work request and PPM updates.

Ben Taylor

Asset and Compliance Manager, National Ice Centre & Motorpoint Arena
With Agility, it is easy for us – it is all there, it is quicker, streamlined and time stamped...Agility supports us to be compliant as well as to effectively carry out all our maintenance management, and successfully manage our people and processes. It truly is a goldmine of information for us.
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Expert deployment, training and support to ensure you achieve maximum ROI

The team at SSG Insight will ensure Agility is seamlessly integrated into your operations so it can meet your organisation’s specific needs and goals. From planning your transition to Agility to ongoing support, we will continue to provide trusted customer support and training to help you maximise Agility’s offerings.

Contact our expert team to find out how Agility can help improve your operations.