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"Through using Agility, ABB was also able to understand the causes of their reactive maintenance allowing them to take a more structured approach."

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ABB is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of distribution transformers, power transformers and associated insulation products, electric motors and power electronics equipment. They also manufacture medium-voltage drives and converters for environmental rail transport and wind power converters for wind farms.

In Poland, ABB employs over 3000 people and are specialists in the power generation and automation sectors. Over half of the output of the ABB companies in Poland is exported.

The need

The scale of the ABB facilities (in Łódź and Aleksandrów Łódzki) are vast. Łódź is the largest manufacturing site in Poland (employing over 1200 people over three plants). Aleksandrów Łódzki is one of the largest and most modern production facilities in Europe. When working at this size and scale, a clear system to oversee their asset structure, maintenance management and HR requirements across several sites is vital.

The solution

ABB implemented Agility through CPU Zeto, one of SSG Insight’s partners, as their system to manage their Operations Maintenance whilst providing Human Resource Management Support, including timesheets and employee records.

The Implementation of Agility

The implementation of Agility allowed a full Asset Register of equipment and parts to be created including:

  • Full and detailed records of equipment in the factory; including equipment name, unique code, description location and replacements. This information also appears in the Operations and Maintenance Documentation.
  • Details of the equipment group including; type, manufacturer, inventory number, model, serial number, commissioning date, warranty period, type of warranty, date of purchase of equipment, cost, equipment availability, photographs of the equipment, comments, reports and analysis concerning efficiency, availability and suppliers.
  • Raising of work orders for equipment and facilities; including PPM (Planned Preventive Maintenance) schedules, and reactive work raised through the helpdesk including emergencies and unforeseen breakdowns.
  • The ability to identify employee/group specialist skills, which can then be used to select a specific employee from the group or a specific specialisation.
  • Information on; current work orders, outstanding work orders, rejected work orders with a full history of work carried out.
  • Full implementation of maintenance warehouse management and stock control with minimum/ maximum stock levels and stock level calculator.
  • Detailed analysis, KPI reports and data sets, including: Warehouse value, warehouse value by warehouse goods, warehouse restocking report, warehouse use and inventory use, supplier purchases by time, and total supplier purchases.
  • Graphic representation of reports and KPIs using 3D graphs and diagrams.

The benefits of an Agility CMMS

Across the two facilities, Agility is being used by over 400 users. ABB now have a full record of their assets and equipment, with visibility of their performance enabling them to identify areas for improvement.

Using Agility’s powerful reporting functionality they were able to understand their performance regarding MTBF, MTTA, MTTR and Pareto Analysis and equipment depreciation. ABB were also able to understand the performance of their people with an analysis of the time taken to carry out work orders.

Through using Agility as their warehouse and stock management system, they were able to understand performance against KPI’s including warehouse stock value, replenishment reports, stock utilisation and supplier spend.

Through using Agility, ABB was also able to understand the causes of their reactive maintenance allowing them to take a more structured approach.

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