Airbags International Limited: An Agility CMMS Case Study

International automotive supplier chooses market-leading workflow solution, Agility.

Since transitioning to an Agility CMMS, Airbags has been able to identify key areas for improvement and has seen significant benefits.

Transition from Plan4 to Agility results in enhanced visibility and traceability of work requests.

After 14 years, Airbags International made the decision to switch their CMMS system from Plan4 to SSG’s intelligent software, Agility. The industry-leading asset management system has since improved the efficiency of Airbags’ workplace, has allowed the company to tidy up certain areas within the organisation and improved site reliability.

Airbags International are part of Autoliv, the largest automotive safety supplier in the world, providing passive and active safety systems to all the leading car manufacturers including; BMW, Daimler, GM, Renault, Ford, Volkswagen, Jaguar Land Rover and Volvo. Their manufacturing site at Congleton, Cheshire, covers 26,000m2 and weaves, scours and coats the fabric used to make airbags. The site produces over 45,000 bags a day and over 15 million bags per year.

Airbags International had been a user of the Plan4 software for 14 years. It was introduced as the first computerised maintenance system at Airbags International and was used to plan services, ad hoc breakdowns and also manage maintenance inventory across the site at Congleton.

The transition

At the start of 2013, the decision was made to transition over to Agility, the latest market leading Computerised Maintenance Management System from SSG Insight. The new system was installed in February 2013 by SSG Insight’s Implementation Consultant, Jason Ward, who comments, “We migrated over from Plan4 all the assets for the 3 sites at Congleton plus all the labour resources, craft and fault codes. The PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) Schedules and the details which were used to manage stores, so supplier and parts details too.”

The transition from Plan4 to Agility went smoothly. We were concerned about moving the files from Plan4 and losing data, but the only data we were not able to transfer was the job history. We worked with SSG Insight to get around this, and the team leaders still have easy access to the job history in case it needs to be referenced.

Simon Allan, Maintenance Operations Leader at Airbags International

Agility went live in Congleton in early April 2013, by the end of the same month all maintenance requests had been replaced by the new system. Since then, Agility has given Airbags International real visibility and traceability of the work requests, services are also being carried out at the required intervals which has led to better site reliability.

Simon adds, “We now have a TV screen in the workshop which gives immediate visibility of any new maintenance tasks, so the team reacts faster to any problems that may occur. We have also been able to use Agility to help satisfy our external auditors, by being able to illustrate how we have completed services and tying key documentation together.”

Next steps

The next stages with Agility, are to introduce service contract details to allow external suppliers to be better managed and also introduce AgilityMobile Solutions. Simon comments, “We currently have 105 users of the Agility system and some of these are team leaders with teams below them. Introducing a mobile solution with barcode capabilities is the next step for us, something we could never have thought about with our previous system, Plan4.


Immediate visibility of work requests

Better site reliability

Faster reactions to problems

Improved efficiency

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