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"Using an Agility CMMS across multiple sites has given the business the significant benefit of a standard system, with reports and KPIs that can be generated and used by the engineers and each individual operation."

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Bakkavor Group is the UK’s leading provider of fresh prepared foods employing nearly 19,000 people across 52 operating facilities. There are 32 operations in the UK, from Edinburgh in Scotland to Dover in Kent. Bakkavor supplies over 5000 products across 18 different product categories including; ready meals, pizzas, desserts, leafy salads and soups. Its primary business is private label food for the major grocery retailers in the UK including Tesco, M&S, Waitrose, and Sainsbury’s.

In 1997 Bakkavor first implemented Impact XP, a CMMS solution historically provided by SSG Insight, which was rolled out across the majority of Bakkavor sites over a ten-year period. In 2007 Bakkavor began an extensive search for the best next-generation CMMS solution from all major system providers.

The need

Bakkavor required a system that could efficiently manage its reactive and proactive maintenance schedules whilst allowing the Engineering department to manage its own inventory and purchase orders. The system also needed to interface with Bakkavor’s core ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, Protean and Great Plains. The chosen solution was Agility, the next generation Computerised Maintenance Management Solution (CMMS) from SSG Insight.

The solution

The first site to implement Agility was the Cucina Sano operation in Lincolnshire. Implementation commenced in 2010 and through the implementation process, the business was able to review its current data and processes and dedicate time and resource to improving these. It also gave Cucina Sano the opportunity to ensure each of its assets was identified and included in Agility.

Since implementation Agility has enabled all reactive and proactive maintenance activity to be managed together in a single system, also giving visibility of historical data allowing job trends to be monitored. Engineering inventory and purchase orders are also being managed through Agility and AgilityMobile Solutions.

The benefits of an Agility CMMS

Since 2010, Agility has been implemented in 13 Bakkavor sites with each one having the opportunity to review its processes and assets and make improvements. Using Agility across multiple sites has given the business the significant benefit of a standard system, with reports and KPIs that can be generated and used by the engineers and each individual operation.

Through using Agility the engineers have embraced ownership of the data in Agility and each team has worked hard to improve the quality of data captured, benefitting the Engineering teams and the whole business.

Gary Smyth, Business Analyst at Bakkavor

The planned maintenance schedule generated in Agility has also enabled greater collaboration between the Engineering and Planning departments, ensuring the required equipment is available for planned maintenance, resulting in less interruption for the Production departments and increased uptime.

Through using Agility to manage inventory and purchase orders, stock values and levels are being constantly reviewed and optimised whilst ensuring that critical parts are available at all times using Min/Max levels, regular stock checks and running the system stock replenishment functions. Using AgilityMobile Solutions, the engineering team complete stock transactions in real time ensuring immediate and accurate visibility of stock levels.

Through using Agility across the current sites approximately 2,300 work orders are now generated per week and Bakkavor has seen a significant improvement on its reactive versus planned maintenance from 80/20 to a 50/50 split.

Gary Smyth explains, “Since rolling out Agility across Bakkavor, we have seen a definite improvement in system utilisation, recorded jobs (both reactive and proactive), and been able to successfully interrogate repetitive maintenance. Based on this, we are now seeing an increase in product throughput within the manufacturing environment.”

Next steps

Agility will continue to be rolled out across Bakkavor sites and by the end of 2014, 16 Bakkavor sites will be using Agility with approximately 350 users. By the end of 2015, Agility will be used on 20 sites with over 500+ users.

Agility will continue to be used to improve the reactive versus planned maintenance split and also be used with other production systems to review and improve NME (Net Machine Efficiency) and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) for Bakkavor.


  • Visible and reliable information
  • Increase in proactive maintenance
  • Reduction in company costs
  • Improvements in performance and speed

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