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Fujiseal: An Agility EAM / CMMS Case Study

Leading Global manufacturer, Fuji Seal International use an Agility CMMS to effectively manage assets across European sites.

"An Agility CMMS has allowed Fuji Seal to manage their assets across the three locations in Europe, creating equipment records and complying with the EC Machinery Directive."

Fuji Seal International operates on a global scale with factories on 5 continents and in 11 countries. They manufacture machinery and packaging supplies for the production of shrink film and self-adhesive labels. These products are used in a wide range of areas, including food, beverages, dairy, home & personal care, and pharmaceutical products.

The need

Fuji Seal International (Tokyo) needed to maintain control over the company’s fixed assets, including the assets used for the direct manufacture of products and those used to support the company’s operations in three European locations: Poland (Kutno), France (Leux le Bain) and England (Gillingham, Kent).

The solution

The solution was the implementation of the EAM / CMMS Agility system through CPU Zeto, one of SSG Insight’s partners, which provided Fuji Seal with many benefits. Fuji Seal were able to install Agility on one central remote server to which all three locations in Europe then had access. Agility’s flexibility meant that each location was able to access the software in their local language, whilst also giving individual personalised settings, forms, and reports. Agility also enabled a joint warehouse management system and equipment records to be maintained, giving an historical record of equipment location movements. This enabled assets and resources to be maximised across the entire company, giving improved stock rotation. Agility also allowed equipment service improvements to be made, reducing breakdowns and downtime.

The Implementation of the Agility CMMS

The requirements of Fuji Seal were included in the approved implementation plan and timetable. The three manufacturing plants use individually allocated versions of the system. However, it is important that they all have information on all equipment, its condition, readiness for operation, and work history. This is information required by law, as referred to in the EC Machinery Directive.

The basic information provided by Agility includes:

  • The precise location of equipment, equipment name, unique identification code, and description in the operations and maintenance documentation.
  • Equipment criticality (value, significance, and priority in the manufacturing cycle).
  • Equipment group, type, manufacturer, inventory number, model, serial number, commissioning date, guarantee period, and type of guarantee.
  • Date of purchase, cost, availability, comments.
  • Lists including current job orders and history of work completed.
  • Maintenance and refurbishment work plans for individual pieces of equipment.
  • Material costs.

An unlimited Helpdesk was also created, where an unlimited number of the company’s employees and/or clients could have simultaneous access to raise requests and notify of events.

The benefits of an Agility CMMS

Agility has allowed Fuji Seal to manage their assets across the three locations in Europe, creating equipment records and complying with the EC Machinery Directive. A full timetable for planned work is now also possible using Agility. Specific tasks and work orders can be allocated to individuals with certain skills. Reactive work orders can also be scheduled alongside the planned work, giving full visibility. In addition to this, Agility is being used to organise the company’s asset and human resources management. This includes authorisation monitoring for technical personnel and information about training requirements and certificates. The sophisticated warehouse management system allows Fuji Seal to manage inventory, purchases, and supplies of essential parts, subsystems and technical equipment.


Visible and reliable information

Increase in proactive maintenance

Reduction in company costs

Improvements in performance and speed

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