Guernsey Water Case Study

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The user-friendly range of Agility CMMS functionality enables Guernsey Water with more effective access to data and reports, allowing them to make more informed investment decisions

Guernsey Water is part of the States of Guernsey Trading Assets and have an aim to provide quality drinking water and the safe return of our wastewater to the environment. The team have been using Agility CMMS for almost 10 years, having implemented it in March 2013, and moved to the hosted version of the solution in 2020.

Dan Smith is Asset Intelligence and Inventory Lead, and he was delighted to share the following brief insight as to how Agility supports the team at Guernsey Water:

Agility has provided us a one stop shop platform where we can have all our data stored in a single location together with great flexibility being cloud based meaning we can gain access from any device, from any location.

“Together with the Agility app, this has opened up the system to a lot more users as they can now access it on their mobiles meaning they don’t have to carry multiple devices like iPads and laptops as well as their smartphones.  Agility has also proven to be very user-friendly meaning we spend minimal time giving our employees training on the system.  The easier a system is to use the more likely your employees are to use it and with a system that relies so heavily on good quality input from users, this means better quality reports to allow us to make more informed decisions on future investments.  All this has allowed us to open up the system to our contractors and we’re now able to manage our SLA’s through Agility giving us overall more control and better value for money on the work we require.”

With Agility covering such a range of modules it has allowed us to be much more efficient in reducing the amount of different systems we previously had.

“For example, we have migrated all our employees’ training and certifications into Agility and with all the parts of the system integrating with each other it ensures nothing is missed or bypassed.  Not only does Agility integrate so well with different parts of its own system but it also integrates well with other systems.  Although we don’t use the purchase ordering side of Agility (due to existing financial systems we have) we’re still able to capture all that data by having the two systems integrate meaning it also reduces staff time not having to duplicate entry and also reduces potential input errors.”

With access to a support team and dedicated account manager who are always on hand to help with any queries and product consultants able to implement any customisations you need gives you a system which can solve all your requirements.

We look forward to sharing more from Dan and the team as they progress further with their Agility journey over the next 10 years. If you would like to know more about Agility CMMS, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our global team.

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