Inter Terminals: An Agility CMMS Case Study

Agility brings labour savings and aids compliance for liquid storage specialist.

"Inter Terminals introduce Agility for Maintenance Management and Incident Reporting across European sites"

Inter Terminals is part of the Inter Pipeline group, an energy infrastructure business based in Canada. Inter Terminals forms one of the largest independent tank storage businesses in Europe, owning and operating twelve bulk liquid storage terminals in the UK, Germany, Ireland, and Denmark.

The twelve terminals have a combined capacity of over 3 million m3 and together have extensive experience in storing a range of hazardous substances, including petrol, gas, oil/diesel, and aviation fuel, and also handling and blending biofuels. Inter Terminals is a very large scale and complex organisation, handling more than 100 products for a wide range of customers. During 2014, Inter Terminals handled 8.5 million tonnes of products through 116,000 road vehicles, 6,500 pipeline transfers, 7,300 railcars, and 1,800 ships.

All the Inter Terminals UK sites are top tier COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazard) sites due to the nature and quantity of the substances they handle. This means they must take all measures necessary to prevent major accidents, limit their consequences to people and the environment, and produce rigorous safety reports outlining how these measures are put into effect.

The need

Inter Terminals has an extensive network of assets, including safety critical equipment, non-safety critical equipment, primary containment (tanks and pipelines), and electrical and mechanical subgroups. Managing the health of its assets allows it to improve process safety and reduce the risk of major accidents, enhance the safety of its employees and operate more efficiently and effectively as a business.

During 2010, Inter Terminals identified the need to review the systems being used to monitor and maintain their assets across the various terminal sites. As a result of the review, it was identified that a single common software solution was needed to allow a consistent approach to be achieved across all sites within the group.

The solution

Mike Cook, Group Technical and Environmental Manager, explains, “Inter Terminals has several sites across the UK, each previously operated a different CMMS. The systems were decentralised, asset schedules were fragmented, and group data was difficult to gather and evaluate. After a rigorous selection process from a number of suppliers, Agility was chosen to provide a platform for the group. SSG Insight’s approach was to simplify the complexities inherent in the original systems and to develop an implementation plan to satisfy our specific needs both at a group level and on a site-by-site basis.

We have been able to develop asset registers and schedules, group task details for planned preventative maintenance, the recording of breakdowns, failure on test and failure on demand statistics. The system assists us not only in the day-to-day planning of maintenance work, but also the tracking of major inspection works requiring substantial capital.

Mike Cook, Group Technical and Environmental Manager

Agility Incident Reporting

As part of Inter Terminals Safety Management System, which is required under COMAH regulations, any incidents need to be recorded, thoroughly investigated, and reported. In 2012, Agility’s use was extended to include Incident Reporting for Inter Terminals. Agility has been linked across all sites to give valuable visibility between the asset between the Maintenance Management and Incident Reporting functions.

Across the group, SSL has seen significant savings in the administration time associated with Incident Reporting across the sites, saving an estimated 500 working hours per year.

Richard Staples, Operations Manager, explains, “Working with the professional and dedicated team at SSG Insight enabled us to tailor an incident reporting system to our specific needs. The SSG Insight team were easy to work with and they fully understood what we wanted to achieve. The Incident Reporting project has resulted in improved and more efficient processes throughout the Simon Storage group.”

The benefits of an Agility CMMS

Within UK sites, there are now 45,000 equipment assets in Agility, with approximately 15 data entries and a minimum of 2 planned preventative maintenance activities scheduled against each, giving 765,000 data entries all being managed by Agility.

Inter Terminals is now able to give particular focus to managing safety critical equipment, helping to comply with the requirements of COMAH. The reports generated through Agility give asset reporting at both a terminal and group level.

Mike Cook adds, “Agility, with SSG Insight’s development work, has provided Inter Terminals with the necessary tools to demonstrate to the Regulators that equipment is being maintained, inspected, and tested to the appropriate frequencies, in the correct manner. The system’s transparency at site level ensures that work orders are managed according to the priorities allocated, whilst the centralisation of data enable group statistics to be collated, reviewed, and monitored with ease.”

Inter Terminals have connected the Maintenance Management system with Incident Reporting to gain insights into potential incident causes and asset health. The sites in Germany also use the system through a German translation.

Mike Cook comments, “SSG Insight’s staff are professional, dedicated individuals with whom we have developed good working relations during Agility’s implementation. SSG Insight have a proven ability to simplify a complex problem and to provide a bespoke solution to meet our specific needs.”


Visible and reliable information

Increase in proactive maintenance

Reduction in company costs

Improvements in performance and speed

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