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"The beauty of an Agility CMMS is that we can provide clients with their own login so they can check on progress at any time and keep their tenants informed with real-time information."

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As a busy electrical contracting services company, providing seven days a week service response for routine maintenance, repairs, and emergency call-outs, keeping on top of their often complex workload is a high priority for JAYLEC.

With a wide variety of clients, ranging from large local authorities such as Westminster City and Brent Councils through to housing associations and construction companies such as Mears Group, the company typically manages more than 1,000 maintenance work orders every month. It is therefore vital that their team of more than 1,000 specialist electrical engineers have a clear, well-organised work plan, which enables them to deliver effective services, often at short notice, to their many customers, and to have an accurate, up-to-date overview of jobs in progress.

The need

Many of JAYLEC’s local authority and housing association clients run their own work scheduling systems. Customer care teams receive the initial contact from tenants reporting a problem and then pass this information on to JAYLEC for action. These unscheduled demands, often for emergency or breakdown repairs, need to be fitted in with JAYLEC’s programme of routine and scheduled maintenance work. This requires a highly sophisticated facilities management system which offers speed and security, as well as the ability to prioritise and schedule work effectively. The system needs not only to be easily accessible by the JAYLEC team but also by their clients so that they can keep tenants informed of the latest progress reports on their jobs, providing top quality customer service.

“We were looking for something that would cover everything we needed – a convenient, easy to use, universal system. When we looked around the various solutions available on the market, Agility was the only one that ticked all our boxes. The beauty of Agility is that we can provide clients with their own login so they can check on progress at any time and keep their tenants informed with real-time information.”

— Jason Jarrard, Managing Director at JAYLEC

The solution

To meet their needs, JAYLEC were keen to find a secure computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) which would be accessible via web browsers so that their engineering team could keep on top of their workload and respond to urgent demands wherever they were.

Agility is a comprehensive maintenance management solution. It not only allows instant tracking of all live work orders, but also offers the potential for all kinds of other benefits such as improved response times, better customer service, and tighter control over spare parts and inventory management. It also allows the company to prioritise and schedule repairs and requests into daily and weekly rotas for the maintenance team.

“Many of our clients now need to see the progress of work orders instantly,” Jason continued, “and the beauty of Agility is that we can provide clients with their own login so they can check on progress at any time and keep their tenants informed with real-time information.”

The benefits of an Agility CMMS

Agility is accessed via a secure website with login validation providing user-specific functionality. This means that clients can run their own reports to ensure that they have the latest data on speed and quality of service, as well as early warnings of any potential issues. “As soon as each job is reported, it is our responsibility to make sure it is done. We have service levels to meet for each of our customers, and the reporting tools within Agility help us both to keep track of KPIs and agreed standards. Giving our customers the opportunity to log in themselves and see what is happening in real time is a great bonus,” said Jason.

Agility is definitely the way forward as consumers’ and clients’ expectations of the service levels they should be receiving grow, it is increasingly important for our customers that they can provide up-to-date progress reports and that is where Agility is one step ahead of the competition.

Jason Jarrard, Managing Director at JAYLEC

JAYLEC have identified a further opportunity for using the Agility programme to give them a competitive advantage through more effective sales and marketing. “Although Agility is not specifically designed for sales and marketing, we’ve already been able to use it in many different ways and SSG Insight have provided us with some software adaptations so we can reap even more benefits from the system,” said Jason. “As well as streamlining our workflows and doing the job it is supposed to do, we have also been able to use Agility to generate email marketing, which we can tailor to our customers’ needs and interests.”


  • Visible and reliable information
  • Reduction in company costs
  • Increase in proactive maintenance
  • Improvements in performance and speed

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