NHS Borders Case Study

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Real-time access to maintenance data especially through the Agility Mobile app is just part of why NHS Borders are excited to be implementing Agility.


NHS Borders offer a wide range of healthcare services across multiple locations, to protect and improve the health of people within the Borders. Their primary focus is aligned with the Scottish Government initiative to support the public to access the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

The need

“We had lengthy discussions with the team at SSG Insight and were impressed with what Agility could deliver in the here and now, and how it could grow with us. The team took the time to understand our challenges and issues, as well as our processes. They were able to suggest how the Agility solution could be configured to fit with our standard practices and procedures, but also shared best practice and ideas as to how we could improve some of these as well. I am a big believer that we should drive systems, they shouldn’t drive us, but we quickly recognised that Agility does some things better and agreed we should change some of the things we do.”

Throughout this process the team at SSG Insight demonstrated that the Agility solution was flexible enough to meet our needs, whilst sharing their vast knowledge of maintenance within hospital and healthcare environments. In addition, we were impressed with the dedicated mobile solution.

Brian Douglas, Head of Estates & Facilities

“The implementation process has been really positive, and we have already noted how quickly the SSG Insight team have come back to us with feedback on areas we requested further investigation for. We can already see how the access to real-time data is going to have a really positive impact for NHS Borders, and how it will vastly improve the way our team works in being able to access the mobile interface so easily. Areas such as our planned and reactive maintenance, asset register, and helpdesk will be far more efficient, and the mobile app will allow the team to access and record data there and then.”

“It is a big change having had the previous system in place for so long but our team have really embraced Agility and the feedback from the training has been great. We did have concerns about all the training being delivered remotely thanks to Covid-19, as often face-to-face works better, but it has been super, and we know we can access face-to-face training in future when restrictions are lifted. The team have attended role-based training with a specific focus on what will be relevant to them, as well as things like helpdesk, and systems admin, and they are all really impressed with what Agility has to offer. The mobile user interface is really easy to use, and this along with our team’s experience of other mobile interfaces, should make the change simple.”

We know the system will work for the here and now and grow with us into the future and we have already built a great relationship with various members of the SSG Insight team; everyone has been very approachable and helpful, and we look forward to building on this more.

NHS Borders are just at the start of their Agility journey, and we look forward to sharing more as they start to use the system and embed it within their working practices.

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