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SSG Insight

Prompcorp engaged SSG Insight in 2017 in order to provide a tailored and flexible platform to meet operational requirements and strategies for work order, vendor and asset management services.

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About Prompcorp

Commencing operations in Swan Hill, Victoria in 1986, Prompcorp Pty Ltd provides an array of Facilities Management services to a broad range of customers. Continued success and business growth are founded through our strong customer relationships, delivering services in a true partnership commitment; actively listening, understanding and acting on our customers’ needs is our business strength.

Prompcorp Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company offering and delivering a diverse range of services; we are flexible, agile and able to scale to your needs and urgency of service with a 24/7, 365-days per year national Help Desk, PrompCentral. Our Head Office is located at 72-92 Langford Street, North Melbourne with 11 locations in our national footprint and New Zealand. We have in excess of 1,800 personnel of which 462 are employed in Victoria delivering a tailored service to a broad range of industry sectors including: Government, Education, Defence, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail and Commercial.

100% of services are self-delivered for all FM activities and asset verification and management. Services which remained subcontracted are linen laundering and stock management.


Prompcorp engaged SSG Insight in 2017 to help us develop a facilities management solution to aid in the strategic alignment of our ‘technology first’ focus with our business processes.

The engagement with SSG Insight was initially tailored for the specific major client of Officeworks that required an agile environment to facilitate their key SLA/KPI efficiency measures whilst also demonstrating complex reporting capabilities with audit records to uphold Prompcorp’s change management process.


From the outset (October 2017), SSG Insight were able to tailor Agility to provide an easy-to-use solution for managing reactive work requests from the local stores as well as managing all the regular scheduled contract work.

As a new job is raised it is captured in Agility and the workflow engine manages the job by:

  • arranging for locally available sub-contractors to quote for the work and find the best value
  • managing costs and sales prices and seek approval from the customer where required (depending on thresholds),
  • managing multiple contractors for larger/complicated/specialist requests
  • Ensuring KPI’s / SLA’s are adhered to

Upon completion of the work, the data is exported into the corporate accounting system, which then manages invoicing the customer and payments to sub-contractors.

The system has dedicated dashboards to allow the head office team to monitor attendance and completion of work orders and sorts the work lists by status (Red/Amber/Green) to manage KPI’s.

The Benefits

Prompcorp has identified some key operational benefits since the onboarding of the Agility CMMS platform into our technology ecosystem leading us to expand our use of the platform to service clients ranging from BP Australia, Unilever, Bendigo Bank, and many others.

Some benefits observed are:

  • The creation of a “Single Source of Truth” for all reactive and planned maintenance processes and procedures
  • Provides a portal for Prompcorp’s clients to register jobs and standardise requests
  • Streamline process and business rules by integrating them into Agility (e.g., automatically authorised requests for work)
  • Simple invoicing and contractor payments
  • Complex, drill-through reporting and dashboard interfaces

The Future

Prompcorp will continue to work alongside SSG Insight to develop our strategic asset management operations into the Agility CMMS platform to allow for further granularity in reporting and work order management.

Together, alongside our expert teams, we will deploy customised dashboards to allow our 24/7 control centre to identify all works outstanding in a central place with key information readily available to report to internal and external stakeholders simply.

Prompcorp will also continue to foster contractor management within the Agility platform to ensure easy communication channels to key vendors and maintained compliance of the services offered.

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