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The SOLARIS National Synchrotronic Radiation Centre (NCPS) is an extra-departmental unit of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. The Centre, which boasts a synchrotron and two research lines, was developed between 2010-2015 and was subsidised by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund) as part of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme 2007-2013. The Solaris synchrotron is the most up-to-date multi-disciplinary research equipment in Poland and leading equipment of this type worldwide. It includes an electron gun (the source of electrons), an initial linear accelerator, a transfer line, a storage ring (circular accelerator) and two research lines with measuring stations. Located in a modern building (equipped to ensure its correct and safe operation) it’s a strategic scientific investment and has been placed on the Polish Road Map of Research Infrastructure.

Over a dozen complex and valuable research experiments can be performed at Solaris NCPS. Synchrotrons perform detailed analysis deep inside matter, allowing scientists to study both the composition of a substance and its structure. Centres like Solaris are providing completely new potential for research, making it possible to carry out analysis, which was previously unavailable, and also providing more accurate results in a much shorter time.

The research equipment is used in natural and technical sciences, including biology, chemistry, physics, materials engineering, nanotechnology, medicine, pharmacology, geology, and crystallography. In fact, several dozen educational and research institutes from around the world have already expressed an interest in conducting research using the synchrotronic equipment at NCPS.

The need

With such an important piece of equipment, the main challenge is to ensure continuous, breakdown-free, and safe functioning of the machine. Due to the high demand from research projects, its real-time availability needs to be maximised in line with the strict project timetable. It is also important to constantly observe the stringent technical and operational requirements for the equipment and for the whole site.

The key issues to be resolved are:

  • Availability and reliability of the synchrotron and the research lines
  • Precision and availability of the recording and measuring equipment
  • Reliability of the ancillary infrastructure supporting the synchrotron and the research lines
  • Employee safety at the NCPS and safety of those working on the research projects
  • Coordination of technical service works with the timetable of ongoing research projects.

The solution

It was obvious that an EAM / CMMS for managing the equipment and the workforce (both internal and external service teams) was key.

It made sense for the Solaris Centre to look for EAM / CMMS information system with relevant experience in the management of technical assets. After an in-depth analysis of the available systems against the Centre’s criteria, Agility was chosen to be the best match for the SOLARIS Centre’s requirements.

The decision-making process pointed to the Agility system, as it met the expectations of the NCPS team. Also fundamentally important in our decision was the experience of CPU-ZETO Sp. z o.o. in implementing EAM/CMMS projects at large, modern and multi-plant businesses. They were also able to get the system installed and running quickly, minimising downtime further. The Agility system has already proven that our decision was the right one. Our technical service team now have access to information that ensures the smooth-running and safe operation of the Solaris Centre.
Magdalena Janiga – “SOLARIS” NCPS team

In addition, the system is accessible by all staff at the centre, meaning the deadlines for planned preventive maintenance are visible and any repairs or refits that are required can be reported. The opportunity for staff to give feedback and make observations has allowed us to optimise the utilisation of the synchrotron and ensures that research schedules and essential maintenance work are harmonised.


Magdalena Janiga – “SOLARIS” NCPS team

Mieczyslaw Wojtowicz – CPU-ZETO Sp. z o.o. in Jelenia Gora

Consultancy on content: Arkadiusz Babiak – CPU- ZETO Sp. z o.o. in Jelenia Gora

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