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“An Agility CMMS is the kind of system that you can deploy very quickly and see results fast, with relatively minimal expense.”

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Wood Group PSN is the world’s leading provider of brownfield services to the energy industry. It has a global network of over 25,000 people in more than 35 countries, offering high integrity services that optimise the performance of facilities, maintain production, reduce operating costs, ensure asset integrity, and extend the operating life of assets.

Wood Group PSN was formed in April 2011. It brings together the Production Facilities division of engineering giant, Wood Group, with leading independent brownfield contractor, PSN.

The need

As part of the tender to provide maintenance services for a gas production facility, Wood Group PSN was required to demonstrate that its maintenance management systems were effective, flexible and, most importantly, compatible with the client’s requirements.

Wood Group PSN approached CMMS software specialist SSG Insight to outline its requirements. The client had already specified what kind of CMMS they wanted to work with and had comprehensive ideas about what they wanted to achieve. The project needed asset management, planned maintenance, and routine testing schedules, and the chosen system needed to be rolled out quickly.

The solution

After investigating which CMMS to use, Wood Group PSN identified Agility, with its simple web-based user interface, as an interesting option. Keith Jones, Senior Maintenance Engineer at Wood Group PSN said: “The project was looking for a cost-efficient, easy to use CMMS.”

The Agility system met these requirements and was selected. The build and implementation of the Agility system took place during the construction commissioning phase of a ‘greenfield’ project. The system’s build, design, and staff training ran concurrently and, as the project progressed; Agility was refined to fit its needs. For example, Wood Group PSN’s client already had a unique way of recording asset tags, which Agility had to accommodate and the system was customised to measure and record specific oil and gas industry KPIs. Custom KPIs which could be monitored real-time were also created.

For this particular project, Agility was customised to suit contract maintenance, with workflows that included contractor and owner-operator functions and approvals within the CMMS.

Keith Jones, Senior Maintenance Engineer at Wood Group PSN

“Additional fields and coding were added to better manage oil and gas statutory requirements.”

Wood Group PSN’s team found that the system’s equipment management functions and PPM scheduling was a key advantage to the system.

“We use the equipment function extensively and have made minor customisations to the detail page to let us better attach and manage information for each piece of equipment,” said Keith. “The PPM schedule is also widely used, as 70% of our maintenance work orders are system generated from standard jobs turned into PPM schedules.”

The benefits of an Agility CMMS

Wood Group PSN needed a CMMS fast. It needed to be flexible, quick to implement, and cost-effective. Agility delivered on those requirements. Keith noted, “Agility is the kind of system that you can deploy very quickly and see results fast, with relatively minimal expense.”

Next steps

Keith said: “We’re always looking at customisations and changes to let us better manage maintenance when applied to the oil and gas industry.”


  • Visible and reliable information
  • Reduction in company costs
  • Increase in proactive maintenance
  • Improvements in performance and speed

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