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Agility has become an integral part of our business, helped us to make the improvements to processes that we were looking for and more, and it is vital to our day-to-day operations.” Matt Shakespeare, ZND Maintenance Manager.

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ZND Group are global market leaders in the manufacture and supply of high-quality temporary fencing, hoarding and pedestrian barriers.  Established in 1965, ZND are the largest manufacture of their kind in Europe and have warehouses across the world.

The group prides itself on being at the forefront of innovation and is constantly looking for ways to further invest in both their products and processes to ensure they continually exceed client expectations.


Having watched the business go from strength to strength and with growth in mind, in 2018 the team were looking at ways to further improve the efficiencies for the management of assets and maintenance.  Whilst their current processes had served them well, ZND wanted to enhance processes such as:

  • Stock levels and ordering
  • Part costs
  • Communication (especially at shift handovers)
  • Maintenance requests
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Production time

With over 2,000 assets to manage and numerous machines to maintain in order to ensure production runs smoothly and effectively, the team decided to source a CMMS.

The solution

Matt Shakespeare, ZND Maintenance Manager and Shaun Boyle, ZND Asset Sores Manager, led the project and was excited to select Agility as the system to achieve all the improvements the group were looking to make and more.

As well as providing the team at ZND with vital asset management and maintenance information at their fingertips, Agility has supported ZND to further ensure:

  • Reduced spend on parts
  • Effective traceability of assets
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Faster issue identification
  • Significant reduction in downtime
  • Increased labour utilisation
  • Enhanced communication
  • Less paperwork

We were so impressed with the team at SSG Insight that selecting Agility CMMS was an easy decision to make. Not only did they know their software solution inside out, they took the time to understand our business and what we were trying to do, enabling them to share with us exactly how Agility could help us.

Matt Shakespeare, ZND Maintenance Manager

“Agility has provided us with an even clearer picture of spend on parts which has enabled improvements to our order processes. Thanks to Agility, we’ve seen our parts spend reduced by over £60K per year.” Shaun Boyle, ZND Asset Sores Manager

In addition, ZND has benefitted from the extensive functionality within Agility to trace assets in terms of availability, location, use, age, history, and more, making tracking and auditability far easier and quicker.

Proactive maintenance management with Agility CMMS

Proactive maintenance management within Agility has enhanced the organisation when it comes to pinpointing and tackling issues with machinery and equipment.   Not only does this ensure scheduled maintenance before there is a problem, but it also provides engineers with vital information in real-time.  When issues do arise, this data helps to give the engineers insight as to what the problem might be, dramatically reducing issue investigation time.

The process for work orders has been overhauled and now everything goes through Agility, ensuring all details are managed and tracked online, in one central location, accessible to those that require it.  This has meant a significant reduction in paperwork ensuring no more lost logs, as well as supporting the businesses’ efforts towards reducing their carbon footprint and becoming paperless.  This in turn has enhanced communication between staff especially with shift changes, but more importantly it has ensured labour utilisation is increased.

Agility facilitates the tracking of not only the jobs to be completed but also the time taken to complete, and the staff involved. This permits ZND to predict how long jobs are likely to take and monitor those completed as well as those still to be actioned.

Agility really has transformed our processes and allowed us to work smarter and faster, increasing our efficiencies to deliver our products to our customer base. Maintenance jobs can be viewed in real time which gives us an up to the minute picture of what is going on. We’ve been able to effectively analyse breakdown time which has had a huge impact on our operations, the view we have within Agility as allowed us to predict and establish potential issues, significantly decreasing breakdowns, saving us valuable time and money. In addition, Agility has enabled us to plan ahead rather than always needing to be reactive.

Matt Shakespeare, ZND Maintenance Manager

Implementation & Training

A project plan and team were put in place to ensure that ZND could start taking advantage of the functionality and benefits that Agility CMMS provides as quickly as possible.  Teams from both businesses worked together to make this happen effectively.

“We had a couple of demonstrations and Agility seemed simple to use and easy to pick-up, and the prove of this was definitely in the pudding!  Agility really is simple to use and user-friendly.  The implementation was a smooth process, and the team at SSG gave us all the support we needed to get the whole team fully set-up and running quickly.” Shaun Boyle, ZND Asset Sores Manager

The team have continued to receive support and training throughout their time as an Agility customer.

“The great thing about the team at SSG is that they are with you all the way, they’re not the type of business to sell you something and walk away, we’ve had continued support throughout our time as a customer and we’ve built a great relationship with them.”

Next Steps

Since implementation in the UK, ZND have taken steps to roll Agility out to their warehouses in Holland with the support of the SSG global team. Agility has been well received and the process to get it up and running in a new location has been simple and fast.  The team are currently working hard on their expansion into the USA and plan to use Agility in the near future to support their operations there. This will ensure consistency and a standardised approach across the group locations when it comes to how ZND manage their assets and maintenance.

In addition, ZND are currently looking at their reporting and the team at SSG are supporting them as to how Agility reports could further advance and influence their business intelligence and therefore decision making.

From the very beginning, SSG showed us the benefits that Agility could bring to our business both now and in the future, and it was important for us to not only go with an established solution but also one that was going to evolve and grow with us.

Matt Shakespeare, ZND Maintenance Manager

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