Integrated CMMS solutions for defence

Agile solutions for
stronger and more
cost-effective defence.

The capability to deliver advanced asset management systems to meet with the most disruptive challenges and unpredictable threats facing today's geo-political landscape.

Advanced CMMS solutions helping
build the backbone of the defence industry

The mission-critical demands of the defence sector are unique. This was a defining factor behind the development of AgilityCore and our wider portfolio of product enhancements; to provide a workflow solution which is configurable to the ever-changing and highly technological challenges of this landscape.

AgilityCore is a highly accurate, total workflow management system. It dramatically reduces downtime, tracks inventory, reduces risk and predicts and prescribes real-time fixes to the daily challenges that can affect your live operation. AgilityCore’s real value is to provide greater insight than ever before into your total operation as your vital workplace management tool. First integrating with your existing assets, systems and infrastructure then overtime, predicting vital work for optimal resource deployment and assignment of the right resource to the right jobs at the right time.

The Agility suite is a powerful and agile CMMS solution that gives you total control of your workflow data, allowing you to evidence outcomes across the vital areas of your operation. Alongside AgilityCore, the wider Agility product suite helps build a configurable asset management system to manage both people and machines, listen to assets and unite your data – all in one single system. AgilityConnect is a data-agnostic information bridge that allows AgilityCore to be rapidly integrated with your machine infrastructure. Join the other defence companies who are realising the transformative effects of asset management technologies.

“Efficiency, agility and accuracy are the watchwords of our project delivery in the defence industry. In this ever-changing landscape, it is essential that today's solution has the ability to adapt to tomorrow's challenges. The AgilityCore platform and wider enhancements provide exactly that capability, to develop and adapt your workplace management capacity beyond the needs of today, to keep pace with the wider technological innovations of the sector. ”

James MacPherson, Chief Executive Officer (ASPAC & Canada)


Total control of your workflow with our advanced CMMS solutions

“You operate in a world where protecting people and maintaining national security is paramount. Asset downtime, and with it a compromise of national security, is simply not an option. ”

On time, every time

Monitor mission critical assets

Help mitigate risk

Predict don't react

Connect with your team fast

Agile communications with your team

At any given minute, you need to know the condition of a mission-critical asset and the human resource that can be deployed in real time to respond to any early warning signs. Agility is the solution that makes this happen.

Agility understands your data; what’s normal and what looks out of the ordinary. It knows the data signals that could be indicators of a deeper problem. In your industry, this means savings that go far beyond the financial.

That’s why BAE Systems Australia trust us to help keep their assets in ship-shape.

How can Agility improve your production requirement?

With over 35 years’ experience in providing agile asset management systems for clients across the globe, AgilityCore gives you a clear picture of the performance of your organisation and the resources needed to maintain them.

Your people, their availability, their skill sets and the health of your assets are clearly visible to keep you on top of your production requirement with data information at your fingertips.

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