Future proof your defence operations with agile CMMS technology

An advanced CMMS and EAM solution helping the defence industry to extend asset life spans, optimise resources and save costs.

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Dramatically reduce downtime and optimise workflow with Agility

Agility is a highly flexible CMMS and EAM system that gives you insight into the performance of your operations. Driven by efficiency, Agility helps you to track inventory levels, automate maintenance and implement real-time fixes before issues occur. Remove the risk of downtime and keep national security maintained alongside it. 

Integrate your existing business systems to see crucial data in one place so you can make more intelligent and cost-effective improvements to your operations. With Agility, you can automate vital maintenance to the right resource, so work is carried out safely and effectively.


Join organisations worldwide who rely on Agility to maximise their operations

BAE systems red and white logo wavin logo blue and white Greggs logo yellow and blue forbo flooring systems logo blue bakkavor blue logo fuji seal logo blue ABB red logo herrco orange logo ABN blue logo solaris logo rainbow and black ZND logo
BAE systems red and white logo wavin logo blue and white Greggs logo yellow and blue forbo flooring systems logo blue bakkavor blue logo fuji seal logo blue ABB red logo herrco orange logo ABN blue logo solaris logo rainbow and black ZND logo
BAE systems red and white logo wavin logo blue and white Greggs logo yellow and blue forbo flooring systems logo blue bakkavor blue logo fuji seal logo blue ABB red logo herrco orange logo ABN blue logo solaris logo rainbow and black ZND logo
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Track critical spares and optimise asset availability for smoother operations

Monitor the availability of thousands of assets instantly to ensure they are ready at the most crucial moments. Drill down into real-time performance, location and planned maintenance and keep on top of your critical spare inventory in a centralised database. Agility gives you a 360-degree view of all mission-critical parts and assets to improve the agile running of your operations.

Increase uptime with planned maintenance

Plan maintenance of crucial assets and equipment so you can avoid downtime. Agility triggers preventive and predictive maintenance so you can respond to any early warning signs. When reactive tasks are logged via its helpdesk function, Agility will prioritise any critical repairs so operations can continue running smoothly. Maximise asset lifespan and benefit from cost-effective asset maintenance.

Save time and keep track of accurate, real-time data in one place

Take total control of your workflow data in Agility so you can track performance and evidence outcomes across the vital areas of your operation. You can access the most powerful, latest insights by integrating with other business systems. Turn this data into action and make smarter, faster decisions that make savings beyond the financial.

Manage your labour effectively and get the right person on the job every time

Reduce paperwork and manage labour with effective scheduling and automated job deployment in a centralised system. Agility allocates jobs in real time based on availability, skill set and location to ensure the health of your assets is maintained and that the job is done right the first time. With automated job notifications, your staff can easily prioritise tasks that they need to do.

Stay compliant and create a safe and secure environment

Build compliant sites that adhere to the demanding safety and security regulations in defence with Agility. You can remain compliant with updated regulations and create checklists for work orders, so your maintenance team meets safety guidelines before and during a job. With documented compliance tasks, you will always be ready to evidence what has been done in audit inspections.

Maximise your operations by implementing Agility CMMS

How other clients use Agility

Global defence and security company, BAE Systems, has benefitted from reduced paperwork, more flexibility and efficient allocation of jobs with Agility.

Accessing and recording data on the go with AgilityMobile has enabled NHS Borders to become more efficient…

24/7 operations with a global customer base, Boohoo utilises Agility CMMS for successful asset and maintenance management

Wienerberger have achieved control over assets, targeted maintenance, better control of the maintenance team and their time, and more effective reporting, all with Agility CMMS…

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Paul Raymond

Asset Coordinator, BAE Systems Williamstown
Agility has really improved the way the maintenance team carries out the breakdown jobs. The new system keeps a record of all breakdowns, prioritises the jobs and makes the most efficient arrangements of labour. The automated email notification system leaves the team with clear scheduling routines.

Phil Misfud

Maintenance Crew, BAE Systems Williamstown
The system’s made our work a lot easier...The fact that staff can log issues through the intranet and that gets fed into the programme alongside our existing schedules helps to make sure that jobs don’t get missed off or wrongly prioritised.

Caroline Howarth

Asset Manager, Keolis Amey Metrolink
Agility is also supporting us with achieve our ISO 55001 compliance, the checklists are great, and we’re able to carry out an audit very quickly as all the information we need is right there in Agility.

Brian Douglas

Head of Estates & Facilities, NHS Borders
Throughout this process the team at SSG Insight demonstrated that the Agility solution was flexible enough to meet our needs, whilst sharing their vast knowledge of maintenance within hospital and healthcare environments. In addition, we were impressed with the dedicated mobile solution.
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Delivering specialist customer service at every step of the way

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer support, our team of maintenance experts will deliver excellent customer service at every stage. From helping you set up Agility to providing insight into how to make the most out of it.

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We will help implement the Agility system into your organisation and integrate all your asset and maintenance data, even if it lives on a spreadsheet, into one place. Easily avoid lost time and start managing your assets and maintenance with ease.

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Receive in-depth training on Agility features and how to effectively use them to help you make the most out of Agility. Educating all user levels, we will give you the tools and resources to drive change and reduce workload.

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We have dedicated customer support staff who will solve your problem or question in no time, so you can get back to using Agility without disruptions or causes of concern. Our reliable and secure software ensures that your operations run smoothly and seamlessly.

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Our experienced team of consultants will work with you to understand your organisation’s unique challenges and provide expert insight on how Agility can help you reach your goals. We will ensure you maximise Agility’s potential within your organisation whilst recommending best practice.

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