CMMS technology for distribution

Discover a new level
of insight and control
across your distribution network.

A smart workflow and asset maintenance system to ensure the key areas of your operation are maintained, running and delivering on time, every time.

A clear distribution picture with intelligent CMMS solutions

AgilityCore is raising performance levels in distribution by managing and maintaining your assets, processes and people to increase work completion times and ensure your core SLA is delivered and evidenced with ease.

With AgilityCore, maintenance managers have the power of Industry 4.0 at their fingertips, providing them with a clearer understanding of their assets which keep operations running smoothly and help teams to achieve core service levels. Agility also allows you to capture accurate workflow data to identify areas for improvement and report on real-time performance.

AgilityCore provides peace of mind for our distribution networks to manage multiple reactive and planned work orders, improve efficiency and deliver on agreed service levels. Because our workflow solutions are built for specific industry requirements, we help our clients mitigate the risk of late deliveries and in turn evidence service delivery to their clients.”

Mike Edwards, Group Chief Executive Officer


Keeping pace with the technology revolution in distribution with CMMS solutions

“As the whole world switches to streaming services for their music, imagine you are still buying CDs. While everyone else is accessing their content online in a way that best fits their lifestyle, imagine you are still driving to Blockbuster for a midweek movie. This is how the seismic change in distribution technology is being viewed in the industry.”

On time, every time

On time, every time

Help mitigate risk

Help mitigate risk

Connect with your team fast

Connect with your team fast

Let’s focus on the exacting margins that the retail sector operate. Challenging profit margins and a revolution in real-time delivery across massive distribution centres puts huge pressure on the accuracy of your processes.

What if the Agility platform could mitigate your risk and the resulting cost of late deliveries? Not to mention the damage to your client relationships. Agility also goes one stage further and supports your client’s auditing processes, with some companies now requiring all their real-time delivery suppliers to use Agility, too.

A CMMS that is so effective that our own clients use it to achieve their own service levels.

How can Agility improve your distribution model?

Agility manages your inventory to ensure maintenance can occur without delay. Our solutions monitor stock levels, generate work orders and use barcode scanners to ensure records are accurate.

We understand that distributors must maximise the resources they have available to ensure supply to the consumer and must also have experience of maintaining major retail distribution centres around the world. We have proven time after time that we can deliver efficiencies, help compliance and better manage costs.

Agility prevents shortages of asset parts, provides an organised warehouse with accurate part records and improves productivity by 30%.

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