Manage contractors and maintain facilities with EAM and CAFM software

Accessible EAM and CAFM software that gives facility managers total control of their buildings, resources, and maintenance in a single platform.

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Control costs and solve your facilities management needs with Agility

Agility helps facilities, estates and business managers keep operations running smoothly and find areas of improvement with real-time reporting. Implementing Agility at your organisation’s core will transform how you manage and maintain hard and soft FM services including buildings, assets, processes, and people, helping you save costs and reduce administration time. 

With over 40 years of experience, we understand the daily challenges you face as a facility manager. We have crafted a cutting-edge system to give you better control of your operations, meet SLAs and create a best-in-class experience for your customers with Agility. 


Join organisations worldwide who rely on Agility to maximise their operations

national ice centre Motorpoint arena logos promp corp orange and black logo sitech logo yellow and blue BAE systems red and white logo castlefield estates logo green
national ice centre Motorpoint arena logos promp corp orange and black logo sitech logo yellow and blue BAE systems red and white logo castlefield estates logo green
national ice centre Motorpoint arena logos promp corp orange and black logo sitech logo yellow and blue BAE systems red and white logo castlefield estates logo green

Deliver seamless service with monitored contractor visits

Allow both contractors and internal resources to submit and track work requests, so you can save admin time and maximise your workforce productivity. Get automatic updates of contractors’ invoices, schedules, and certifications to ensure you have the right person to do the job so that you can deliver all essential services seamlessly. With Agility, your facilities will access significant time, efficiency and resource cost savings.

Save time by submitting and completing soft and hard FM tasks on the go

Log maintenance, laundry, or cleaning jobs wherever they are and attach relevant photos, text, or other manuals to clarify what needs to be done. Digitally transform from paperwork to the cloud and use AgilityMobile to scan asset QR codes to see work orders in seconds, complete requests and get automatically notified of incoming jobs in real time. Keep your facilities maintained and meet SLAs efficiently with Agility.

Schedule planned preventive maintenance to keep your facilities in working order

Book your PPM onto Agility for all assets and locations, and access easy-to-interpret visuals and graphs to monitor incoming or overdue PPM and reactive work. Transport live data into bespoke dashboards and use them as briefing points on maintenance repairs, cleaning requests and other tasks for your entire workforce to view. With in-depth analytics, your facilities manager can measure KPIs, find areas to improve and extend asset life cycles.

See asset availability and critical spare inventory in one place

Get a 360-degree view of all your assets and parts inventory in a centralised database to get a data-accurate picture of your current performance across sites. Drill down thousands of assets to view asset health, real-time performance, planned maintenance and related costs. Agility gives you the insight to minimise defects, achieve SLAs and redefine the customer experience.

Create an up-to-code facility that keeps everyone safe

Organise risk assessments, daily checks, and maintenance repairs in one place so you can continue to meet demanding health and safety obligations. By integrating SFG20, you can automatically set up PPMs with checklists, such as whether PPE is required and attach safety manuals to work orders so staff can stay safe. Agility’s EAM and CAFM solution ensures all essential information is quick to hand and audit-ready for inspections.

Maximise your operations by implementing Agility EAM

How other clients use Agility

“Agility is a goldmine of data insight” for the NIC and Motorpoint Arena Nottingham who welcome 800,000+ visitors...

AgilityMobile significantly improves the maintenance of Castlefield Estates, reducing site costs by 10% in one year.

AgilityCore’s forward-thinking workflow and asset management system provides clear way forward for Sacred Heart College.

24/7 operations with a global customer base, Boohoo utilises Agility CMMS for successful asset and maintenance management

Agility has been providing Guernsey Water a one stop shop platform for all their data for over 10 years..

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Ben Taylor

Asset and Compliance Manager, National Ice Centre & Motorpoint Arena
With Agility, it is easy for us – it is all there, it is quicker, streamlined and time stamped...Agility supports us to be compliant as well as to effectively carry out all our maintenance management, and successfully manage our people and processes. It truly is a goldmine of information for us.

Ali Ben Henda

Continuous Improvement Manager, Wienerberger
There is now detailed data behind every single asset. Everything is aligned, everything is there, and our reporting is now far easier as we have that comprehensive visibility which we lacked before Agility.

Doug Curry

IT Manager, Edinburgh Trams
It was vital for us to ensure the facilitation of ‘real time’ tracking of asset changes and enable full asset maintenance history visibility...We had identified that we could take advantage of the many benefits of a modern SaaS platform, including near real-time (NRT), two-way communication through API’s and SFTP sharing asset, work request and PPM updates.

Paul Daughtry

Engineering Team Leader, Boohoo
Live dashboards in Agility are great. The team can see the top 10 areas of concern, and these are updated in a very short space of time so they are constantly relevant, and the guys can jump on what needs to be done straight away... We’ve only had Agility for 3 years, but we now have an up time of 99%...
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Delivering specialist customer service at every step of the way

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer support, our team of maintenance experts will deliver excellent customer service at every stage. From helping you set up Agility to providing insight into how to make the most out of it.

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We will help implement the Agility system into your organisation and integrate all your asset and maintenance data, even if it lives on a spreadsheet, into one place. Easily avoid lost time and start managing your assets and maintenance with ease.

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Receive in-depth training on Agility features and how to effectively use them to help you make the most out of Agility. Educating all user levels, we will give you the tools and resources to drive change and reduce workload.

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We have dedicated customer support staff who will solve your problem or question in no time, so you can get back to using Agility without disruptions or causes of concern. Our reliable and secure software ensures that your operations run smoothly and seamlessly.

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Our experienced team of consultants will work with you to understand your organisation’s unique challenges and provide expert insight on how Agility can help you reach your goals. We will ensure you maximise Agility’s potential within your organisation whilst recommending best practice.

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