IWMS / CAFM technology for healthcare

Insight where it matters most for the modern healthcare environment.

Healthcare maintenance software providing best-in-class data insight and service performance to meet the rigours of today’s clinical environment.

The future of successful healthcare management with IWMS / CAFM technology

The Agility suite supports the efficient day-to-day running of staff and patients through a single operational IWMS / CAFM platform, giving you clear insight into the operational efficiency of your department both in the public and private healthcare sector.

AgilityCore provides a stable and flexible platform that allows all hard and soft services to work together, providing real-time information when you need it most. AgilityCore seamlessly integrates with your existing business systems, building a complete data model at your fingertips. Agility is a completely scalable solution, designed to expand with your requirements in a highly complex clinical environment.

Embrace our smart healthcare management solutions to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve the patient experience in your healthcare organisation.

“Much of our work is about providing a solution to drive performance in the business environment. Implementing a workflow solution into a hospital can quite literally affect lives, so we need to know that the tools we provide can be relied upon to provide accurate information, fast, to keep highly complex modern medical departments operational and meeting patient’s needs.”

James MacPherson, Chief Executive Officer (ASPAC & Canada)


CAFM technology is the smart solution to coordinate, track and prioritise your workflow

“Imagine you are the maintenance manager for a state-of-the-art super hospital, responsible for the continued operation of this highly complex environment. ”

On time, every time

Real-time information across your department

Help mitigate risk

Reduced admin time

Connect with your team fast

Agile communications and faster up response times

You need a fast, accurate but crucially easy solution to coordinate, track and prioritise in excess of 80,000 work orders and 1,000 support staff each month based on resource location, skill-set and workload.

Agility is that solution. It will integrate with your hospital’s existing processes and connect to your business systems to create a whole ecosystem of data. Put simply, it would not be possible to manually process the same volume and complexity of work tasks. By using Agility we could save your healthcare facility in excess of £1 million each year, through reduced admin, data insight and preventative maintenance. What’s more, we will help you to meet your KPIs in delivering outstanding patient care.

We helped one hospital in Western Australia reduce their admin costs by £1 million per year.

How can AgilityCore CAFM manage your clinical workflow?

AgilityCore has been developed through years of healthcare experience, making it an extremely simple IWMS / CAFM to use. We know that within the same hospital, departments can have differing information and reporting requirements, so the Agility suite is designed to be agile and provide a data agnostic fit with your existing business systems as required.

Agility gives you a clear picture of the performance of your department to keep it running efficiently. Your people, your equipment and their availability are clearly visible to keep you on top of your workflow. Not limited to people and machines, Agility also allows you to manage inventory, purchase orders and external contractors, giving you a real-time overview of performance and costs.

With over 35 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, AgilityCore improves your operational efficiencies, drives down costs and enables you to measure and monitor performance. At the forefront of modern IWMS / CAFM technology, AgilityCore is designed to be the most vital cog in your software landscape to ensure the delivery of patient care.

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