Improve patient experience and increase operational efficiency within healthcare

EAM software providing smart insights and improved operations to meet the needs of highly complex clinical environments.

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Seamlessly manage all your work orders in one place using Agility

Agility is a scalable and flexible EAM & CAFM platform that supports the efficient day-to-day running of staff and patients whilst allowing all hard and soft services work together. Integrate any existing business system to gain clear insight into the operational efficiency of your department and find ways to improve patient experience in moments.

With over 40 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Agility will effectively enhance your operational efficiencies, drive down costs and help you to measure and monitor performance. Agility will become the most vital cog in your healthcare operations and could save your facility millions through reduced admin, data insight and preventative maintenance.


Join organisations worldwide who rely on Agility to maximise their operations

Fiona Stanley hospital logo promp corp orange and black logo national ice centre Motorpoint arena logos bohoo logo black writing, fashion brand BAE systems red and white logo
Fiona Stanley hospital logo promp corp orange and black logo national ice centre Motorpoint arena logos bohoo logo black writing, fashion brand BAE systems red and white logo
Fiona Stanley hospital logo promp corp orange and black logo national ice centre Motorpoint arena logos bohoo logo black writing, fashion brand BAE systems red and white logo

Proactively maintain assets and excel in patient-led care

Take control of your asset health with automated preventive and predictive maintenance to solve early warning signs of breakdown before it happens. With Agility, you can monitor asset performance and planned maintenance in real-time, letting you shift from reactive management and enhance asset life cycles and patient experience in your facility.

Save time and submit work orders instantly on the go

Set up quick and accessible self-service stations for your teams to log work requests and include additional details like priority, resources required, and steps needed to carry the task out, so no time or resources are wasted. With the added benefit of AgilityMobile, clinical staff can submit tasks such as cleaning or patient movement instantly and alert support staff for urgent assistance when required.

Schedule, monitor and complete thousands of work orders in one place

Optimise your hospital maintenance workflow by scheduling and managing thousands of work orders in one area. Get an instant picture of work order performance and automate job deployment for high-priority tasks based on resource availability so that care is never impacted. When integrated with schedules like SFG20, Agility can add compliance-related checklists to ensure your staff always meet health and safety requirements.

Effectively manage support staff for increased productivity and faster response time

Coordinate support staff and automatically assign work orders based on resource location, skill set and workload. Agility ensures you have the right person to do the right job every time, ensuring your workflow is effectively managed to benefit patients’ needs and save resource time. Speed up response time, maximise efficiency and build a connected community with an agile EAM and CAFM solution.

Create a healthy, safe, and compliant care environment

Make sure your care facilities are secure for your staff and patients by tracking the status of maintenance tasks, daily checks, and risk assessment in Agility. Integrate schedules like SFG20 to ensure your healthcare facilities are up to standard and share audit-ready reports for future inspections in moments. With Agility, you can reduce the risk of human error and maintain a healthy environment for patients and staff.

Maximise your operations by implementing Agility EAM

How other healthcare clients use Agility

Accessing and recording data on the go with AgilityMobile has enabled NHS Borders to become more efficient…

State-of-the-art hospital, Fiona Stanley, chooses AgilityAuto to coordinate smooth running and management of 5,000 staff and 1,500 patients.

AgilityAuto provides automated management solution to high-tech hospital by monitoring robots and improving efficiency.

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Brian Douglas

Head of Estates & Facilities, NHS Borders
Throughout this process the team at SSG Insight demonstrated that the Agility solution was flexible enough to meet our needs, whilst sharing their vast knowledge of maintenance within hospital and healthcare environments. In addition, we were impressed with the dedicated mobile solution.

Derek Herrmann

Managing Director, Herrco Cosmetics
The SSG Insight team took the time to understand our business, from what we do to what we wanted to achieve with the asset and maintenance system, and where we want to go. They were able to demonstrate the flexibility and scalability of the Agility solution, showing us what it could do for us now in the way of preventive maintenance, schedules, critical parts, etc., and how it could grow with us into the future.

Caroline Highfield

Customer Service Officer, Fiona Stanley Hospital
Agility is the way of the future, I would definitely recommend all hospitals take this on. I personally think it’s an essential tool, one that I would hate to work without.

John Pereira

Estates Maintenance Manager, Fiona Stanley Hospital
Agility is a game changer as it allows our maintenance staff to respond to jobs in a very efficient manner. Accountability is the name of the game in service response, and Agility helps deliver that.
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Delivering specialist customer service at every step of the way

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer support, our team of maintenance experts will deliver excellent customer service at every stage. From helping you set up Agility to providing insight into how to make the most out of it.

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We will help implement the Agility system into your organisation and integrate all your asset and maintenance data, even if it lives on a spreadsheet, into one place. Easily avoid lost time and start managing your assets and maintenance with ease.

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Receive in-depth training on Agility features and how to effectively use them to help you make the most out of Agility. Educating all user levels, we will give you the tools and resources to drive change and reduce workload.

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We have dedicated customer support staff who will solve your problem or question in no time, so you can get back to using Agility without disruptions or causes of concern. Our reliable and secure software ensures that your operations run smoothly and seamlessly.

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Our experienced team of consultants will work with you to understand your organisation’s unique challenges and provide expert insight on how Agility can help you reach your goals. We will ensure you maximise Agility’s potential within your organisation whilst recommending best practice.

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