Take total control across your transport network with EAM technology

Powerful EAM and CMMS technology that helps light rail and transport to improve asset conditions, manage resources and generate effective data-backed business decisions for their networks.

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Efficiently maintain and run your network on time every time

Agility is a cloud-based EAM and CMMS system that allows transport maintenance managers to manage and maintain assets effectively, all while achieving key SLAs. Whether you have a network of trams and trains, or a fleet of lorries or planes, Agility will give you a complete picture of your operations.

Easily track customer-satisfaction data and log incident reports to identify ways to improve current services for the end user. Access performance data across your resources and assets and easily share exportable reports with key stakeholders. With Agility, you will enhance communication, cut work completion time by 35% and optimise your operations.


Join organisations worldwide who rely on Agility to maximise their operations

Edinburgh trams red and grey logo uk tram the voice of light rail logo and slogan NET dark green logo keolis amey metrolink west midlands metra logo black and blue BAE systems red and white logo Greggs logo yellow and blue
Edinburgh trams red and grey logo uk tram the voice of light rail logo and slogan NET dark green logo keolis amey metrolink west midlands metra logo black and blue BAE systems red and white logo Greggs logo yellow and blue
Edinburgh trams red and grey logo uk tram the voice of light rail logo and slogan NET dark green logo keolis amey metrolink west midlands metra logo black and blue BAE systems red and white logo Greggs logo yellow and blue

Create a smooth and reliable running service with optimised asset availability

Increase utilisation of assets with full visibility of availability across your network. Drill down into a comprehensive asset register to see warranty status, meter-based maintenance and fault analysis and effectively manage critical spare inventory to ensure you always have the right parts on hand to maintain running services. With Agility EAM and CMMS, you can plan asset maintenance ahead of time to ensure you continue to meet SLAs.

Boost customer satisfaction and track operational events in a central control room log

Create a primary reference point with Agility to log active events that could impact services such as traffic, accidents, or poor weather conditions. Using the helpdesk functionality, your staff can instantly gather passenger feedback on mobile devices, whether on or offline. With Agility, you can capture and process hundreds of entries a month, allowing you to monitor performance and generate changes where required.

Improve maintenance management and avoid the risk of asset failure

Predict and prevent repairs to your entire transport infrastructure with automated maintenance triggers that could reduce your downtime by 90%. With Agility, you will reduce the costs of potential breakdowns and avoid service disruption, helping you to achieve SLAs. Agility’s helpdesk function and dedicated mobile app allow your staff to log reactive maintenance work requests on the go so faults are identified before it is too late.

Increase work completion time with efficient resource utilisation

Allocate work to internal and contracted staff based on availability and location so work orders are completed on time with no resources wasted. Also working as a resource competency management tool, Agility tracks your worker’s skill set, training, and certifications, ensuring you have the right person for the job. Receive alerts before mandatory certificates expire, so you can keep staff updated to meet compliance and maintain health and safety regulations.

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Cut admin time and generate accurate, automated performance reports in seconds

Save time and automatically generate detailed performance reports of resource utilisation, completion of work and response times to evidence operational efficiency to local councils or governments. As an advanced EAM and CMMS, Agility can manage and report on PFI and P3 contracts, providing transparency to all stakeholders involved. Instantly access live dashboards tailored to departments so that they can see top-level insights relevant to them.

Maximise your operations by implementing Agility CMMS

How other clients use Agility

Edinburgh Trams have had a boom of data in recent years, and meet their goal of controlling daily operations through centralised software, and more with Agility.

UK’s largest light railway network, Keolis Amey Metrolink, have a more streamlined approach and have experienced faster working practices since implementing Agility CMMS…

Since implementing Agility CMMS, downtime for failures has reduced from an average of 10 days to 1 day for Nottingham Trams

We are delighted to have renewed our partnership with UKTram again this year...

West Midlands Metro have overcome their multiple document challenge and transformed their asset and maintenance management with Agility...

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Doug Curry

IT Manager, Edinburgh Trams
It was vital for us to ensure the facilitation of ‘real time’ tracking of asset changes and enable full asset maintenance history visibility...We had identified that we could take advantage of the many benefits of a modern SaaS platform, including near real-time (NRT), two-way communication through API’s and SFTP sharing asset, work request and PPM updates.

Caroline Howarth

Asset Manager, Keolis Amey Metrolink
The team at SSG Insight are very friendly and always willing to help. It’s great that more customer events are happening and whilst I couldn’t attend the User Day last year, I am pleased the team are planning more events like this, and the webinars to support us to get even more from the solution.

Craig O’Brien

Head of Engineering Safety & Innovation, UKTram
We have had the pleasure of working with the team at SSG Insight for many years now, and their Agility Asset and Maintenance software is used by the majority of our members. The well-established team have a sound understanding of the challenges that the Light Rail industry faces, and they have extensive knowledge regarding asset and maintenance strategies specifically for Light Rail organisations.

Chris Harper

Engineering Asset Manager, Nottingham Trams
Agility is used extensively throughout the tram network by 135 users across a 24/7 shift pattern. It manages 500 reactive and 400 planned work orders per month and coordinates over 400 inventory movements. The team have seen a real shift in the amount of planned vs the amount of reactive work orders since using Agility with the number of planned significantly increasing, and the number of reactive decreasing.

Caroline Howarth

Asset Manager, Keolis Amey Metrolink
Agility is also supporting us with achieve our ISO 55001 compliance, the checklists are great, and we’re able to carry out an audit very quickly as all the information we need is right there in Agility.
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Delivering specialist customer service at every step of the way

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer support, our team of maintenance experts will deliver excellent customer service at every stage. From helping you set up Agility to providing insight into how to make the most out of it.

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We will help implement the Agility system into your organisation and integrate all your asset and maintenance data, even if it lives on a spreadsheet, into one place. Easily avoid lost time and start managing your assets and maintenance with ease.

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Receive in-depth training on Agility features and how to effectively use them to help you make the most out of Agility. Educating all user levels, we will give you the tools and resources to drive change and reduce workload.

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We have dedicated customer support staff who will solve your problem or question in no time, so you can get back to using Agility without disruptions or causes of concern. Our reliable and secure software ensures that your operations run smoothly and seamlessly.

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Our experienced team of consultants will work with you to understand your organisation’s unique challenges and provide expert insight on how Agility can help you reach your goals. We will ensure you maximise Agility’s potential within your organisation whilst recommending best practice.

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