Boost uptime and productivity within manufacturing

Advanced maintenance management software helping the manufacturing industry cut downtime, extend asset life cycles, and reduce paper, and Excel admin across the globe.

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Take control of your manufacturing workflow with Agility

Agility is an agile workflow management tool that supports the unique demands of manufacturing businesses in food and drink, metals, automotive, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and many more. Agility digitally transforms organisations, taking them from once relying on paper and spreadsheets to a centralised asset maintenance system. 

As a cloud-based CMMS and EAM system, it is designed to give organisations complete visibility over their operations and ensures engineers have all the information they need on the go with AgilityMobile. Easily monitor asset availability, schedule predictive maintenance, and automatically assign appropriate resources, so you can hit performance targets and save time.


Join manufacturing organisations worldwide that rely on Agility to maximise their operations

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Reduce asset downtime and exceed production KPIs

Shift away from reactive repairs to planned maintenance that will keep you safe from costly downtime and risk of wasting resources. Schedule recurring preventive maintenance (PM) work, whether needed daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, to maximise asset life cycle and avoid downtime. Set up condition-based monitoring with integrated IoT sensors and trigger work requests as anomalies rise in your asset conditions, helping you to mitigate early warning signs of failure before it happens. With maximised productivity, you will improve energy efficiency and reduce factory waste, helping you meet sustainability goals.

Extend asset life cycles with total visibility of assets and inventory levels

Easily manage your spare parts inventory and monitor stock levels to ensure you always have the correct critical spares to expand the life cycle of your machines. Access a centralised database of all assets and drill down to view asset health, real-time performance, planned maintenance and related costs. Agility gives you real insight to minimise equipment failure and boost operations.

Optimise resources and get the right person on the job every time

Reduce admin time and automate resource deployment for vital planned maintenance work based on availability, skill set and experience. Agility will notify staff when urgent jobs appear, helping them to prioritise workload and speed up response time by having the right person on hand to do the job effectively. Enhance communication by sharing available jobs across your network so engineers can pick up work on the go.

Boost productivity and work on the go wherever you are

Create, plan and complete work orders on the factory floor in moments with AgilityMobile. Empower your engineers to complete jobs with all the information they need at their fingertips. Whether it is work order details, additional images, manuals or compliance checks, your engineers will have clear visibility of planned maintenance, allowing you to eliminate paper workload, save time and enhance productivity.

Stay compliant and meet health and safety standards

Keep a well-maintained, safe factory floor with stringent compliance steps in place. Sign-off work orders with e-signatures on AgilityMobile and set compliance checks so engineers meet safety guidelines on the job. Easily track asset maintenance and generate live reports so auditors can identify what risks you have managed and when.

Maximise your operations by implementing Agility CMMS

How other manufacturing clients use Agility

Wienerberger have achieved control over assets, targeted maintenance, better control of the maintenance team and their time, and more effective reporting, all with Agility CMMS…

Leading poly-pipe system manufacturer Acu-Tech have gained better visibility into their maintenance and labour utilisation since introducing Agility...

Bespoke cosmetic manufacturer, Herrco Cosmetics, have improved their asset maintenance management strategy and can efficiently monitor asset lifecycles with Agility CMMS

Agility supports global agribusiness ABN with effective asset and maintenance management across 11 UK sites

One of the world's largest manufacturers, ABB, now has full performance visibility in Agility, highlighting areas for improvement..

PZ Cussons enhance maintenance planning, effectively manage all maintenance activities, and have improved response times with Agility CMMS

Brickworks, a brand within the Persimmon Homes Group, recently moved away from paper-based documents and Excel spreadsheets, and have already noticed the benefits of centralising their data

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Ali Ben Henda

Continuous Improvement Manager, Wienerberger
There is now detailed data behind every single asset. Everything is aligned, everything is there, and our reporting is now far easier as we have that comprehensive visibility which we lacked before Agility.


Maintenance Technician, Acu-Tech
I find the PPM’s that we have added especially daily checks in the morning and afternoon have really helped to identify potential issues that we are able to rectify immediately that day before it becomes a problem or reschedule when the line is down... And we have seen a decrease in the number of call outs and breakdowns. Having the app on my mobile means I can see all my jobs that are scheduled each day and can easily complete and add jobs as I need to.

Matt Shakespeare

Maintenance Manager, ZND
The great thing about the team at SSG is that they are with you all the way, they’re not the type of business to sell you something and walk away, we’ve had continued support throughout our time as a customer and we’ve built a great relationship with them.

Derek Herrmann

Managing Director, Herrco Cosmetics
The SSG Insight team took the time to understand our business, from what we do to what we wanted to achieve with the asset and maintenance system, and where we want to go. They were able to demonstrate the flexibility and scalability of the Agility solution, showing us what it could do for us now in the way of preventive maintenance, schedules, critical parts, etc., and how it could grow with us into the future.

Stuart Smith

Group Reliability & Asset Care Manager, AB Connect (a division of AB Agri)
We’re constantly looking to ensure all sites are actively using Agility and standardising the reports produced by each so that we can benchmark. This helps us to operate even more effectively and supports our drive to get our standards even higher, Agility is pivotal to this...In a nutshell, Agility is easy to use, it makes the job easier, and I don’t think we should be without it.

Matt Shakespeare

Maintenance Manager, ZND
We were so impressed with the team at SSG Insight that selecting Agility CMMS was an easy decision to make. Not only did they know their software solution inside out, they took the time to understand our business and what we were trying to do, enabling them to share with us exactly how Agility could help us.

Ali Ben Henda

Continuous Improvement Manager, Wienerberger
The team at SSG Insight have supported us throughout and I love the way the team are always looking at new things for the software and new technologies to integrate with…The team often visit to see how we are, but also to see the Agility solution in action and understand exactly how we’re using it, why we do things a certain way, and more. They try to work with us to help us maximise our use of the software and to ensure that they are evolving the solution to meet our future needs.

Stuart Smith

Group Reliability & Asset Care Manager, AB Connect (a division of AB Agri)
Support is great too because it’s quick and you don’t have to wait ages. Yeah, sometimes it gets passed up from level 1 to 2, but they’re always fast to come back to you and to get you an answer.

Matt Shakespeare

Maintenance Manager, ZND
Agility really has transformed our processes and allowed us to work smarter and faster, increasing our efficiencies to deliver our products to our customer base...We’ve been able to effectively analyse breakdown time which has had a huge impact on our operations, the view we have within Agility as allowed us to predict and establish potential issues, significantly decreasing breakdowns, saving us valuable time and money.

Steve Chance

Central Engineering Manager, Greggs
The team all love Agility, it supports our maintenance and helps to ensure the uptime we need for production which is paramount. We couldn’t work without Agility, it helps us to do what we need to do to ensure the public have their favourite cakes and bakes, and that’s what we’re here for.
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Delivering specialist customer service at every step of the way

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer support, our team of maintenance experts will deliver excellent customer service at every stage. From helping you set up Agility to providing insight into how to make the most out of it.

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We will help implement the Agility system into your organisation and integrate all your asset and maintenance data, even if it lives on a spreadsheet, into one place. Easily avoid lost time and start managing your assets and maintenance with ease.

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Receive in-depth training on Agility features and how to effectively use them to help you make the most out of Agility. Educating all user levels, we will give you the tools and resources to drive change and reduce workload.

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We have dedicated customer support staff who will solve your problem or question in no time, so you can get back to using Agility without disruptions or causes of concern. Our reliable and secure software ensures that your operations run smoothly and seamlessly.

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Our experienced team of consultants will work with you to understand your organisation’s unique challenges and provide expert insight on how Agility can help you reach your goals. We will ensure you maximise Agility’s potential within your organisation whilst recommending best practice.

Want to learn more about Agility?

Find out how your organisation can benefit from implementing the Agility CMMS and EAM system.