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CMMS technology for manufacturing

Defining a new era in performance for the manufacturing sector.

We deliver the most advanced CMMS solutions used in manufacturing environments across the globe, designed to improve the performance of our clients’ end-to-end operations.

Manufacturing maintenance software,
harnessing the technological revolution of Industry 4.0

We help our customers combine advanced manufacturing techniques with the Internet of Things to create manufacturing systems that are not only interconnected, but communicate, analyse and use information to drive further intelligent action and deliver quantifiable business outcomes.

Because AgilityCore can be specialised by industry, it is helping manufacturing businesses discover workflow insight that fits with the unique demands of their industry. Agility dramatically reduces downtime, reduces risk and predicts and prescribes real-time fixes to the daily challenges that can affect your workflow.

AgilityCore begins as your vital workflow management tool, predicting vital maintenance work for optimal resource deployment and assigning the right people to the right jobs at the right time. From there, AgilityCore’s potential is to provide greater insight than ever before into your total manufacturing operation.

The Agility suite is a powerful and agile CMMS solution that gives you total control of your manufacturing workflow. Alongside AgilityCore, the wider Agility product suite helps build a bespoke system to manage both people and machines, listen to assets and unite your data – all in one single system. AgilityConnect is a data-agnostic information bridge that allows AgilityCore to be rapidly integrated into your existing software landscape.

We are in an era of unprecedented technological potential within manufacturing. Improving your day-to-day performance is only one aspect of this potential. The level of insight we provide helps enable real change in organisations far beyond metrics such as downtime and output - we are helping remodel the future of our client’s businesses.

Graham Bartlett, Chief Commercial Officer

The move from reactive to planned maintenance system

“The impact of downtime on British manufacturing is estimated to be more than £180bn every year. Broken machines, faulty parts and unavailable skilled engineers all hamper productivity.”

On time, every time

Cut down time

Help mitigate risk

Plan don't react

Connect with your team fast

Speed up response times

Imagine efficiency is down at your manufacturing plant. Without sending an engineer out to check every machine, monitoring the performance of each of your employees and manually inspecting the entire plant, you may never identify what is causing the problem.

The Agility suite gives you a clear view of your machines, people and how they communicate. At a glance, you have visibility of individual asset performance and can easily identify what is impacting your organisation’s efficiency.

Agility helps you shift away from reactive repairs towards planned maintenance, reducing costs and downtime and increasing productivity.

We helped fresh food manufacturer, Bakkavor, move from 70% reactive to 70% proactive maintenance.

How can Agility CMMS solutions improve your production requirement?

Agility gives you a clear picture of the health and performance of your assets and the resources needed to maintain them. Your people, their availability and their skill sets are clearly visible to keep you on top of your production requirement. AgilityCore also allows you to manage inventory, purchase orders and external contractors, giving you a real-time overview of performance and costs.

With over 35 years’ experience in providing both CMMS and EAM solutions for manufacturing, we have proven time after time that we can deliver game-changing outcomes for our clients.

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