CMMS technology for transport

Total control right across your network.

Powerful CMMS solutions to measure the condition of assets, produce performance information, manage people and drive effective business decisions across your transport network.

Harness the power of intelligent asset maintenance solutions

From trams to trains, cars to buses, vans to lorries, helicopters to planes, the Agility suite provides transport maintenance managers with a clear understanding of their assets to keep operations running smoothly, anticipate repairs, report incidents and help teams achieve key service levels. Agility also allows the capture of accurate customer-satisfaction data to identify areas for improvement and report on real-time performance in line with current and future needs.

With Agility providing fast and accurate data insight into linear asset management, processes and people, you can reduce work completion times by 35%.

“Our key role in the transport sector is in helping our clients operate and maintain their systems to the highest standards to deliver performance information, asset management and network maintenance. Possibly the major strength of the Agility suite is providing a proactive data picture to anticipate the need for scheduled works, rather than simply reporting interruptions to the network once it’s already too late.”

Amber Hart, Commercial Manager


A preventative maintenance model can reduce your downtime by 90%

“Imagine you are responsible for the timely running of an entire city’s tram service. You need to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum and services can run as scheduled so that customer satisfaction is maintained and contractual obligations are met.”

On time, every time

Cut down time

Help mitigate risk

Reduce admin time

Connect with your team fast

Speed up response times

With Agility, you have full visibility of all the assets across your network. Agility successfully reduced the average downtime on Nottingham Trams from 10 days to 1 through preventative maintenance and a greater level of control of their assets. Customer satisfaction can be monitored in real time using Agility’s helpdesk feature and be used to identify areas for improvement and schedule proactive maintenance.

Agility helps our clients in the transport industry consistently deliver very demanding service levels through our strategy of preventative maintenance and ongoing auditing to ensure ongoing success.

Agility is integral to the successful operation of the Manchester Metrolink; the UK's largest light railway network.

How can Agility improve your transport network?

By seamlessly allocating work to your best-placed available resource, Agility ensures minimum response times to improve planned work completion times.

We have a wealth of experience working with public transport providers across the globe. We help our customers deliver often very demanding service levels through effective management of their planned and preventative maintenance to ensure customer safety, satisfaction and more efficient cost management.

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