Agility CMMS / EAM Solutions

Introducing the Agility Health Check – building a true picture of your system’s performance.

Users can gain deeper insight by refining the filters for each widget, for example changing time-period and location to help identify trends or incidents that can be learned from or improved.

SSG Insight are pleased to introduce a brand-new service to its customers – the Agility Health Check, building a true picture of your system performance.

This new service comes after identifying that our customers can increase system performance and improve their production efficiency by an average of 66%, simply by making better use of their Agility system.

The Agility Health Check takes into consideration your:

  • Production Efficiency
  • Labour Efficiency
  • Stock and Purchasing Efficiency
  • Cost Management
  • Compliance
  • Customer Satisfaction

Providing a full picture of your processes and how efficiently your organisation uses the system. Implementing improvements to key areas can provide much-needed benefits, including improved asset availability and reduced costs.

Existing Agility customers can take advantage of this service by referring a friend, where both parties will receive a complimentary Health Check worth £850, plus the referred will also receive 20% off their first Agility order.

Not a SoftSols customer? Not a problem – the Health Check is designed with core competencies and features in mind, enabling our expert consultants to carry out the service regardless of what system you have in place – even paper-based processes.

Getting started is simple – give us a call on 01924 200344 or email our sales team today and start realising the benefits of improving system performance.

“The importance of Agility to RPL cannot be overstated. It is fully integrated into our business processes and is used at all levels across the business to manage and improve all aspects of the operation.”

- Mark Anderson – RPL Maintenance Manager

Author: Mike Edwards