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What we do

We implement smart workflow and asset management systems to enable game-changing outcomes for our clients.

There are of course a multitude of ways you can provide positive change for your client.

We find the opportunities to deliver game-changing business outcomes for you

It might be in ensuring that your distribution network can guarantee real-time deliveries to your retail client. You might need a mobile data solution to predict, prescribe and deploy the most appropriate fix to an issue that interrupts your workflow. Or, your organisation could be lacking the smart data insight for faster, intelligence-led decision making for better productivity.

Through our industry-leading product portfolio, we have the capability to change your business for the better, empower your people to be the best and support real change in your organisation.

For more than 35 years, SSG Insight have been the architects for positive change in our clients' businesses. Our focus has always been to provide key value and insight, guiding our clients to make intelligent decisions to enable change – for the better. The solutions we provide are as varied as the organisations we work with and this has driven us to constantly innovate to delight our clients and strive for better.

Mike Edwards, Group Chief Executive

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    For any EMEA clients requiring urgent telephone support... for their Agility system they should call 01924 203491 to speak to a helpdesk representative. All other enquiries should be directed to the support mailbox at or directly to the required SSG contact using their email or mobile number