Our process ensures that we are focused on delivering your key business outcomes
as set out from the start of the implementation process. First we measure, then we improve.

We call our approach Discover, Deliver, Delight

Our methodology ensures we maintain a constant focus on helping you achieve your workflow and asset management objectives in the key areas that will differentiate your organisation in the future. This begins with listening to your needs. From here, we create the best-fit project scope for you. This is carried right through to the continuous improvement reviews and partnership support post go-live. Regular project audits are in place to measure success, address challenges and bring new ideas to the table.

Audit to ensure success

A key part of our client partnerships are project audits. At these stages, we will review the project measures against the agreed key business outcomes, ensuring these remain fit-for-purpose, improving and best serving your core objectives. Our robust asset-gathering process means we build the project scope that will not only ensure your objectives are met, but also identify the opportunities to enable real change in the future direction of your organisation. Sometimes, the biggest impact outcome is the emerging trend in your organisation that you did not expect to find. Our process ensures we uncover those unknowns.

“Moving from a reactive to a planned workflow model will have huge benefits for your organisation. Effective workplace management is too often seen as a cost, not a business enabler, that is a key difference in our approach.”

Graham Bartlett, Chief Commercial Officer


You can't improve something that you don't at first measure. This outline illustration of our methodology shows our ongoing commitment to agree, measure and deliver on your key business outcomes.



We listen carefully to your organisation’s requirements and help you articulate them. We establish the business need or process to improve.

Once we’ve established the business need, we set objectives which will inform a clear project plan.


Establish Objectives

Agree Business Outcomes


We agree key business outcomes with you. Specific, targeted measures of success that are aligned with the goals of your organisation. Pivotal to this is the idea that you can't improve something that you don't at first measure.

We then configure Agility to best meet the business outcomes for your organisation. After taking care of all data migration, it’s time for go-live.





Agilty will gather the data from people, process and technology and it will report on its impact in respect of those agreed key business outcomes. At the forefront of our thinking is the requirement to ensure maximum ROI for your organisation.

Never resting on our laurels, we will provide on-going support through pro-actively analysing your data, and recommending continuous improvements and innovations for your business.


Refine and Develop

“Our client partnerships are the foundation for our success. It is vital that key business outcomes are communicated, understood and focused on by our team in implementing the correct solution to enable outcomes to be met and evidenced for our clients. Beyond that, it's all about the ongoing partnership of support to enable continuous innovation and improvement.”

James MacPherson, Chief Executive Officer (ASPAC & Canada)


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