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With key operations around the world, we further extend our global reach through our highly successful partner network.

From large-scale operations covering entire continents, through to smaller operations with their own products and services which compliment ours, we work hand in hand with our partners.

“We are looking to partner with like-minded organisations that are able to offer customers quantifiable tangible benefits and outcomes by helping streamline their operations and strategic approach.

Here at SSG, we have aligned our future developments and product roadmap with industry 4.0 standards. We want to work with best-of-breed organisations to build an IoT eco model, using Agility as the enabler to assist our customers to take advantage of the technologies available to increase output and reduce overall costs.”

Graham Bartlett, Chief Commercial Officer


BXAP Ltd is a leading computerised maintenance and facilities management systems service provider. Our implementation experience and expertise are worldwide across all industries. We can help you with improving your existing systems, implement new systems (both on-premise and hosted), provide system and end user training, data management and integrate asset management system with your core ERP system.

FMIS Africa

FMIS Africa stands for Facility Management Integrated Services, they are a full circle Facility Management Company that not only supplies software & services but all related hardware components, from SMART Building Integration and Infrastructure to Security and Access Control. FMIS pride themselves in supplying an end-to-end solution to any company.

Cambrica - Knowledge in action Logo

Cambrica Corp. is a software technology company passionate about technical knowledge management. We are a team of experienced reliability engineers, business analysts, business system implementation specialists, machinery experts, data scientists, developers, and AI experts.

We are building standard knowledge models intending to advance applied knowledge and reducing the waste of intellectual resources. We make knowledge actionable by bringing it to people when and where they need it.

Cambrica Corp. uses only leading technologies for CMMS, Semantic Search and business process automation to manage all technical knowledge associated with fixed assets.

By automating the repetitive tasks, integrating diverse business applications flow, building knowledge graphs, and offering multi-channel user interfaces, we aim to achieve waste reduction at all levels, a more reliable plant, and unleashing the full asset potential.

Stanburys Ltd

Stanburys provide a comprehensive CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) solution called emisCAD®. This is a graphical CAD based solution powered by AutoCAD®, under a unique Autodesk OEM Agreement. emisCAD® links seamlessly with Agility for all forms of maintenance to create an integrated workflow management solution. emisCAD® is also used for space planning, space occupancy and lease management, asset life cycle management, energy, and risk management, all coming together via multiple dashboard reporting tools.

BDS360 designs comprehensive digital building manuals (O&M’s) allowing Facility Managers to quickly find asset information for their commercial buildings. We have a process that helps you collect all the building's assets and operation and maintenance manuals, which provides facility managers with a complete list of asset information.

1. A blueprint for what asset information will be delivered by each subcontractor
2. Asset checklists for everyone to follow
3. Gap analysis of the information the subcontractor has not supplied

Antifrication Components Logo

SSG Insight and Antifriction Components join forces to improve manufacturing efficiency of industrial plant machinery to drive costs down and increase profitability.
The SSG Agility software informs on repetitive problems, Antifriction detects if superior quality components or updated application design will drive improved performance and reduce downtime.

invisible systems delivering information logo

Our solutions include Energy metering, Critical Asset management, Boiler Control, Water Hygiene & Food temperature compliance, plus general condition monitoring and control. Trigger Agility work orders based on pre-set thresholds and help can be on the way before a major failure occurs.

Invisible Systems is a British company based in Cumbria UK, where all our products are designed and manufactured, both safeguarding UK jobs and reducing Carbon Footprint. Within the business, we are proud of the Core Competences which include; Electronic circuit design, firmware, cloud-based software and product design and manufacture

Building on our proven capabilities to deliver business outcomes, you’ll have a quick-to-implement additional product and service offering to expand and grow your client base.

Our partners benefit from a range of attractive financial packages. Everyone in the program is fully supported by a comprehensive onboarding, training and development process and are given easy access to documentation and marketing resources through our Partner Portal.

You can’t improve something that you don’t at first measure. We call this Discover, Deliver, Delight.

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