Optimise your maintenance operations with a mobile CMMS

Streamline work processes, save time and reduce maintenance costs with our dedicated mobile CMMS and EAM app, AgilityMobile.

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Discover AgilityMobile

AgilityMobile is a fast, agile CMMS and EAM mobile app that brings the power of Agility with you whilst on the move. Enjoy the simplicity of our dedicated mobile app that is accessible to all users, no matter their digital skill set. Digitalise, scale and create a smart workplace system anytime, anywhere with AgilityMobile.

AgilityMobile empowers maintenance teams globally to streamline workflows and optimise resources, all at a click of a button. View work order details, fill out compliance checks, add comments and quickly mark jobs as completed when you finish them. Control your maintenance activities without limitation and see costs, response time and downtime drastically decrease. Keep your focus on what needs doing and never waste time searching for work orders with our easy-to-use CMMS app.

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Seamlessly schedule and manage work requests

Create reactive work requests/jobs on the floor and send to Agility to be assigned based on a worker’s availability and location. Add images, documents, and files to every work order, so your team can efficiently complete jobs on the go there and then. Now your engineers can easily access information relevant to each job, helping them to get it done quicker.

Push notifications to enable swift response

Send push notifications straight to mobile when new jobs are available or if a job status changes. Set job priority, highlight due dates and empower your engineers to self-allocate jobs so work completion time can decrease as output increases. Keep control of your team with AgilityMobile and see workflow and communication streamline.

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Accept, reject and complete work requests as they come in

Encourage proactive working across your maintenance team to accept, suspend and complete jobs on the move. Each engineer can action scheduled maintenance tasks and reactive repairs as they occur and add status updates so everyone is informed. Empower your workforce with AgilityMobile so you can maximise service levels and resource output.

Keep a digital audit trail of completed work

Improve visibility across your workforce with detailed completion comments about past maintenance. Capture fault codes to identify common issues and note the time, skill, and cost to complete a job. Use this insight to effectively plan and schedule future work to ensure maintenance is completed correctly.

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Stay consistent with standardised compliance checklists

Add mandatory compliance checklists to every work order so your maintenance team can complete work safely and effectively. With a formatted list, your engineers will know exactly what’s required to ensure consistent quality. Maintain standards, meet health and safety regulations and create evidence of your team’s compliance when you’re next audited.

Take control of your parts and assets in one place

Quickly access asset repair history, associated parts, manuals, and diagrams of your assets, all at your fingertips. Book out spare parts for work orders or log a return if it is no longer needed. Ensure you always have the right part on hand to do the job, avoid overstocking and never let the risk of  missing parts affect operations again.

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Explore our Complete Maintenance Solution

Agility is a marketing-leading CMMS and EAM software that connects assets, processes and people in one platform. Learn about Agility’s features and how you can make smarter, data-driven decisions by integrating any business system into the platform.

How other clients use Agility

Accessing and recording data on the go with AgilityMobile has enabled NHS Borders to become more efficient…

Agility has been providing Guernsey Water a one stop shop platform for all their data for over 10 years..

Leading food manufacturer, Bakkavor, have seen an increase in system utilisation and product throughput since implementing Agility CMMS

“Agility is a goldmine of data insight” for the NIC and Motorpoint Arena Nottingham who welcome 800,000+ visitors...

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